Slaughter Creek Blues

Slaughter Creek Blues


Delicate acoustic numbers to full-on Southern Fried Rio Grande Rock


Slaughter Creek Blues:
Masterful guitarist Tom Cobb plays solo, or is joined by Al the Bass Player and David Jungen on Drums; An honest mix of Blues, Rock, And Country, with a Folk bent; yeah, Americana: Slaughter Creek Style. Influences include Willie Nelson, ZZ Top, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Leo Kottke, and Son House. The Slaughter Creek area is at the intersection of Earth Power lines, making for a smooth, organic mix, played from the Heart.


"Sunrise" CD, 2009 Sluggo Sound Recordings
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Set List

Typical Set:

1 - Opener (Jam in D) - Original
2 - Texas - Original
3 - Highway Blues - Champion Jack DuPree
4 - Sun is Shining - Original
5 - No Need To Know - original
6 - Call Me the Breeze - J.J. Cale
7 - Love and Faith - Original
8 - Talking About Love - Original
9 - Red House - Jimi Hendrix
10 - Blues Eyes Crying in the Rain - Willie