SlaughterHouse Rootz

SlaughterHouse Rootz

 Denver, Colorado, USA

SlaughterHouse Rootz bring the party with them!

Born in the Mile High City, this 4-piece mix classic reggae beats with, rock, hip-hop & country, bringing a dirty party to modern reggae.


Formed in Denver in 2007 this four-piece have an upbeat party sound. Often moving from punk inspired ska riffs into one-drop driven dubs, and acoustic ballads, all while keeping the dirty sound that fans have come to love. SlaughterHouse Rootz' high-energy live shows  have proven worthy of their reputation as one of the scenes best underground bands.


Let's Just Be Friends - 2012

Balls, Sacks & Bass -2009

Gloryhole (demo) - 2009

Mees'd Recordings (EP) -2008

Set List

30min - 2hour sets. Original music with occasional covers.