Russian artist inspired by Quincy Jones and Pink Floyd provides a hauntingly passionate spicy blend of jazz, blues, gypsy, and classical music unrestrained by conventional thinking


Enjoying an accomplished musical career in his native Russia, the musical phenom known simply as Slava has embarked on a journey to find his dream in the entertainment conglomerate of America. Gathering his musical expertise from a childhood in Siberia, Slava honed his talents on a myriad of instruments playing music composed by the world's legends, and is now writing his own masterpieces.

The remoteness of his homeland could not keep the legends of modern music from deeply influencing his artistic style. Crediting Pink Floyd, Quincy Jones, American Jazz, and gypsy musical influences only serves to give you a glimpse of his unique and hauntingly romantic sound.

His love of music is evidenced in his quest to learn and immerse himself into its every variable. As a self-taught guitarist and a violin prodigy, the prestigious Khabarovsk Arts and Skills Academy recruited Slava, where he excelled in performing the classics on violin, and was also honored for voice, saxophone, and flute, later joining the Khabarovsk Philharmonic Orchestra on the piano.

Knowing his music transcended the political chaos of the Soviet Union, Slava felt his energy and creativity stifled, and sought opportunity elsewhere. With the collapse of the communist wall, Slava joined with internationally acclaimed artists from India, Japan, Brazil, USA, Holland, France, and others as he embarked on his touring successes throughout Far East Russia, Japan, and Asia.

Opportunity, in the form of love brought Slava to America where he seeks to broaden his artistic development and notoriety.

Now relocated to the State of Washington with his American wife, Slava is anxious for his adopted country to hear him and to feel the music that has captured his heart since childhood. Through Slava's music, his experiences and emotions are heard and felt to the depths of the soul. And the audience is richer for it.


A Song for Meaghan

Written By: Slava

Meaghan, A lovely young lady of 26, the daughter of a dear friend of Slava, is diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Meaghan fights this giant and almost wins the battle when Slava receives this letter from her dad:
"Meg died peacefully at 1:30 Sunday October 19. She had been in the hospital for almost 2 weeks and was receiving only hospice care. She had been in a coma almost 2 days. We discovered that her tumor had regrown and metastasized on August 18. They tried two other forms of chemo which had no effect. The nurse had just checked on her and she seemed OK. I kissed her on the cheek, told her that I love her and am so proud of her and that she'd brought me only joy and love since January 12, 1972. I reminded her that she promised to watch over me, and that we would be together again someday along with everyone she loves. I sat down next to her bed watching her angelic face and about a minute later she drew a normal breath and did not take another. There was no noise or grimace or shudder, only the silence of her not breathing.- Paul"
Slava immediately composed this song, and completed it in less than 10 minutes, as he cried and prayed for Meaghan.

Last Songs of Boyan

Written By: music: Slava lyrics Sosnora, Eraschenko, Galich, Pasternak

It is Middle Ages, Russia, known then only as "Rus". The king has divided his land equally among his five sons hoping to create a dynasty, but instead creates a war zone of greed.
Russia is in constant battle against the Turks, Mongolians, Pechenegs, Politskis, and Tartars- and now is even fighting her own brothers.

Minstrel singers are the news carriers, and try to bring cheer to the people. Boyan is a minstrel singer who has decided he will sing only of the truth, and inform the people of the problems of their land, and inform the princes of their greed-causing problems. In doing so, it eventually leads to his demise. Boyan is executed for peacefully speaking the truth. But although the singer is beheaded, the songs live on forever.

First immortalized in the opera "Lay of Prince Igor" Boyan has been written about by numerous Russian poets. Slava collected this poetry and added others to immortalize the horrific history of Russia and her people, and put it all to music.

This is a sample of his 2-hour production "Last Songs of Boyan", recorded live as Slava plays 3 keyboards and sings his epic symphony.


Written By: Slava/Victor Eraschenko

Now why did I wake up?
I see on the grey walls
faint ghostly shadows
floating down the halls.
Your sleep is so peaceful
in my arm buried deep.
Our bodies joined as one
so warm while you sleep.

I suffer in silence
for our many troubles.
Before we were angry
and I was unfaithful.

Now I will keep and protect you,
my love, eternally
from the wind and the coldness
and also from me.


CD- acoustic guitar and voice- "The Last Songs of Boyan"an acoustic story of Russia's medieval history- precursor to Slava's 2 hour symphony of same name.
CD- Slava's original music sung in English(2 songs) and Russian- "Thinking of You" , also includes 2 original instrumentals

Set List

1 to 2 hour sets include Slava's original romantic songs sung in Russian and a few in English, with covers of old gypsy songs, (sung in original gypsy language)similar to CD "Thinking of You" and sounds on his website.
Slava also has a 2 hour symphony production of Russia's medieval history based on Russian poetry he put into story format and composed music to which he plays on keyboards set to full symphony sound and sings, "The Last Songs of Boyan"
All performances have English translations (usually performed by Slava's wife, or can be projected with powerpoint show) and transliterations (so you can sing along) available.