Slave Revolt

Slave Revolt

 Mishawaka, Indiana, USA

We are great at impromptu jams. We also have about 30 original songs. We all love to have fun and entertain! Of course we see outselfs with a record deal and touring within the next two years. We think we would fit in great at music festivals. Check us out and see what you think!


We are all from the South Bend Indiana area. We have been playing together on and off for 20 years. Every time we get together we create something new and amazing. We love to just jam out for extended periods of time. But we also get serious at every rehearsal and go to work on originals we have written. What sets us apart from most bands is that we all play guitar, bass, and drums so we switch around a lot. It gives us a very unique sound. Our influences are Frank Zappa, Ween, Bob Marley, Beastie Boys, Smashing Pumpkins, Lisa Loeb, Phish, Umphrey's McGee, NIN, Pink Floyd, Nirvana, oh and the list goes on and on!


We have not signed with any major label yet. We have been doing our own digital recordings for the past 5 years and have quite a few streaming mp3s and down loadable tracks at these sites.... (anything by DougFisher or author Slave Revolt are by us.)

Here is where we post new tracks every week: