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I guess the easiest way to describe this band is to tag them with the sludge metal label. Their thick rhythms, distorted riffs, fat grooves, growling/throaty vocals, and heavy
as shit drumming is a trademark of the genre, so I guess that's what they are. It's very hard not to be drawn onto bands like Dukes of Nothing, Celtic Frost, 16, Amebix, High On Fire, Weedeater, Sourvein and more when listening to this.

Yep, this is well done pulverizing heavy-as-shit riffage mixed with a sick dose of puzzled sounding lyrics. The sludge riffing on “Watching The Sky” and “Once Is Still A Crime” is reminiscent of Crowbar-style groove. The riffs are big, the guitars tuned way low, and the vocals are of a tortured motherboar. Pounding rhythms by Steve Hass adding in the
vocal explorations undertaken by Marc Burno (bass), Eric Kempton (guitars) and Jake Willanger (guitars), who all are going for the jugular and with good aim. The only downside would be a lack of variety within the album's five tracks. Nothing fast-tempo here. But with shit this brutal, who needs it?

Only 5 tracks on this CD but it makes its presence felt. -

While Seattle's Slave Traitor boasts of three vocalists (bassist Marc Burno and guitarists Eric Kempton and Jake Willanger), all three sound like Lord Humungus from The Road Warrior. Given that the band has a post-apocalyptic metal/doom/ grind style, it's a good fit. Black Narcissus, their five-song debut, is full of the type of riffs that would make your average High on Fire/Weedeater/Gates of Slumber fan squeal with unearthly delight. The production's a bit flat, but it doesn't stop the band from getting its point across. And that point is pretty simple – get in line or get crushed.

Punishing stuff for sure. - StonerRock.Com

First of all, what a beautiful cover! The front is drawing of a small boat on a rough sea. Standing within is a woman, woefully distraught. Her craft is surrounded by chop and gulls. The back cover is a warped vision of ancient sailing vessels (Viking-like) navigating a treacherous, rock-laden seascape. As I understand it, the drawings were done by William Morris in 1820.

You could be fully prepared to hear a dreary and dark doom album. Instead you are bombarded by power metal fury. I can't help but think of war hammer to skull/broadsword slashing metal, with a semi-rawness to the production. All three frontmen sing, giving a diverse mood to the vocals. Eric (guitar) offers good ole deep, death metal growls; Jake (guitar) peals out crackling cries of desperation, and takes lead on "Once is Still a Crime"; Marc (bass and majority of the vocals) gives a sedate and straight forward approach which seems to set a listener up for an audio bludgeoning from Eric. The vocals call, respond, and interweave in a way that seems to conduct the ebb and flow of the songs.

The CD is 5 thrashing tracks of modest length (4-5 minutes) for a total running time of nearly 23 minutes. Listening to this album seems to transport me back in time to a garage in the late 80s.

Fans of traditional metal and garage bands should check this out. - Downtuned Despondency

I always like it when doom bands incorporate some straight-up metal into their sound; it always makes for a unique listening experience. Slave Traitor are a great example of this although they really don't do this style like say High on Fire or Mastodon, bands who definitely have doom in them to this day but they have taken that sound in a far more metallic direction.

The first track "Watching the Sky" almost reminds me of Crowbar playing a Slayer cover at half-speed. The song itself is a punishing beast with hammering beats, militant rhythms and riffing that is almost thrash metal slowed down. They manage to maintain a striking sense of groove and weight for the songs duration with vocals that range between gruff shouting with a bit of melody seeping through the thick delivery every now and then which things even more interesting.

Hell yeah, I'm all over this kind of sound. I always love it when metal slows down to the doom crawl but somehow isn't either straight-out metal by the normal definition or easily classifiable doom. I'm really reminded of Crowbar here, not in a rip-off way but just in the way that Crowbar took metal and slowed it down and while their sound was always doomy, they always had a bit more of a metal vibe to their sound.

"Kiss the Divine" is a bit different than the first track bringing in a far more basic doom structure that completely kicks ass with even a nice rocked out little guitar part coming through right off the bat before crushing drums, almost growled vocals and two-ton riffs become the songs focal point.

"Whore Colony" also starts off with a decidedly metal stomp before descending into massive, slower riffs that bring the doom back full circle. I'm really digging the vocals all over this record their tone fits the heaviness of the music perfectly. They have some definite melodic grit going at times, hoarse shouts and growls that are just left-field of death metal.

The record closes out with the absolutely vicious "Once is Still a Crime" that has some really angry shouting vocals coming to the forefront that sound a little bit different than everything else on the record (I think ¾ of the guys contribute a bit of vocals) and another slowed down thrashing groove before they let loose some subtle, melodic guitar licks and an epic closing that features a very controlled pace and my favorite line of lyrics on the record.

This is a damn solid album throughout, it's not billed as on official EP but there are only 5 songs here but all of them have enough variance and decently lengthy running times giving you plenty to come back to. If you dig it slow and heavy with some good change-ups and bruising riffs then definitely pick this one up. They've got a unique sound I think that doesn't really sound like exactly anyone out there. They kind of remind me of Crowbar and Godeatgod; slow, battering stuff that has some cool changes and variations in tempo and an emphasis on hard-edged riffs.

Good stuff. - Daredevil Records


Man Infest Destiny - 06/06/08 - Self-Released
Black Narcissus CD EP - 06/06/06 - Worm Fodder Recordings
Burning Witch CD Single - 06/06/05 - Self-Released



Making a name for themselves in Seattle's music scene, Slave Traitor are playing an aggressive brand of metal.

Featuring the triple vocals of bassist Marc Burno, guitarist Eric Kempton, and guitarist Jake Willanger along with drummer Steve Hass, Slave Traitor is ready to provide the US and the rest of the world of the shape of things to come from this band of turn-coats and cut-throats.

Slave Traitor formed in early 2005 and released their 1st EP, Black Narcissus, on June 6th 2006. Sharing the stage with bands like High on Fire, Down, Kylesa, and Rwake has showcased Slave Traitor as an intense live act pushing themselves onto unsuspecting audiences.