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"Deadbolt Review"

Slave Unit cuts a manic swath across the punk, industrial, rock and hip-hop arenas, finely dicing chunks of each into a cauldron of social and personal frustrations topped with a sharp dose of piss and vinegar. Gritty and raw, yet meticulously structured, The Battle for Last Place is a successful melding of grainy guitars, rockin’ beats and enough bitterly shouted vitriol to make a unicorn cry. What sets the album apart is the simple consistency in which it offers great songs. There’s no filler here—just a versatile blend of kick-ass that’s sure to hit a chord with anyone who hears it. - Deadbolt Magazine

""Slave Unit" LP - Review"

"The guitars chum like Draino burning a hole in your stomach, the drums rattle like dead kittens in a washing machine spin cycle, and the vocalist screams like he's ready to kill you." - Industrial Nation

""The Battle for Last Place" LP - Review"

This is the newest album by Slave Unit, released after 11 (!!) years since the debut, self-titled CD. I paid attention to the band a few years ago feeling a great power in their music with raw aggression expressed by blending simple, edgy guitar riffs, low tuned bass lines and attacking vocals so I was expecting to hear something that kind once again. Hot tempered tracks appear on The Battle For Last Place CD in at least 9 for 10 songs.
There are only a few samples or looped backgrounds in the songs, because the whole thing is about guitars, natural voices and drums. And I'm glad of it. We've been getting too much of electronic music for the couple of last years and personally I'm fed up. It's high time for aggressive guitar driven music now!! :) (N) - FABRYKA


"Certificate of Participation" LP, 2009
"The Battle For Last Pace" LP, 2007
"Slave Unit" LP, 1996

Compilations, Covers, Remixes and Collaborations
2007 - “Death Disko Anthem” (Rmx By Slave Unit) - ReKonstructing The Sin (Pt.1) Deadskin
2007 - “IH8U2” SMP/Slave Unit Collaboration - For The Fuck of It, Vol. 1 - SMP
2007 - "In Time" - A Murderous Mix" (Music Ration Entertainment)
2006 - "Let It Last" (Slave Unit Remix) - "Disconnected" - Silent Narcotic
2005 - "Etched" (Instrumental) - Short film by Krista Howell for the "Great Highway Surf Film Benefit Party"
2005 - "Acid in My Eyes and Ears (Reconsideration Mix)" - "Thinker" - Hatred Hurt Itself
2004 - "82" (Instrumental) - Featured in the short film "Situation with the Deaf Guy" - Ryan McLaughlin
2003 - "Plastic" (Instrumental) - Featured in the short film "Story of My Love Life" - Ryan McLaughlin
2003 - "Mold" (Instrumental) - Featured in the short film "Steal One" - Ryan McLaughlin
2002 - "Ruqufapha" - Collaboration appears on the "Thornapple" album "Gradient Vol.II"
2001 - "Back Down" - Instrumental Remix 2002 Crusty Demons of Dirt "Flesh Wound Films"
2000 - "Mold" - ROADRASH JAILBREAK (for the Sony PlayStation) by Electronic Arts
1999 - "Aftermath" - Remix for BATTERY Release "Debris"
1998 - "Love" - Skinny Puppy remix contest winner (Nettwerk)
1998 - "Life Unfolds" 97 edit - Cop compilation "Infiltrate&Corrupt" (COP International)
1997 - "Stuck" Battery Remix - Coldwave Breaks II Compilation (21st Circuitry)
1996 - "Frostbite" psychotic mix - COP Compilation (COP International)
1996 - "Stuck" - COP Compilation (COP International)
1996 - "Typical American" - Operation Beatbox (Reconstriction)
1996 - "Backdown" (radio edit) - Band Crazy vol. I (Vision Trust)
1995 - "Submit" - "Scavengers In The Matrix" (Reconstriction)



Slave Unit has been on the San Francisco/Bay Area Goth/Industrial scene as well as the punk/metal/hardcore scene since 1992. The band has played with a broad range of groups including Marilyn Manson, Neurosis, Sheep on Drugs, Crash Worship, Babyland, Hate Dept., and Diatribe. Influenced by hardcore punk, industrial and hip hop music, Slave Unit's sound strikes you with powerful rhythms weighted with bass-heavy beats, original samples, and crunching guitars. The lyrics are often based on observations and reflections of human behavior and error. The band takes pride in their ability to play for a diverse audience and is comfortable playing various venues. Wherever Slave Unit may be, they have the unique ability to appeal to any audience.