Slaymaker is a rock band that carefully tiptoes the line(s) between Rock, Alternative and Metal. Above all, the music is catchy, memorable and addictive to everyone who listens. Sometimes subdued, other times raging - Slaymaker is dynamic and involving every step of the way, right to the very end.


Slaymaker is a regional "supergroup," bringing together four of Wisconsin's most talented and reputable indie musicians. The music is catchy, the lyrics memorable, and the energy is intense. Though grouped in the general "Hard Rock" genre, Slaymaker is not like any other band. The sound and style are immediately very unique and distinct, no matter who is describing them. The ony aspect which places this band in a category with any other is that every song is radio-worthy and infectious, always putting the band in comparisons with various large, well-known groups. In fact, the band is gaining legions of new fans absolutely everywhere, every day. Slaymaker will undoubtedly soon be a force to be reckoned with, in all corners of the world.

Slaymaker can also now be heard on as well as 96.9 WWWX in central Wisconsin.


Slaymaker currently has one single, "Voices" which has become an instant hit on both radio and various internet sites. The first full-length cd will be released in early 2010.

Set List

Our setlist is now 13 songs, all of which are original except one (and you'll just have to see the show to hear what the cover is!).

Our total setlist so far is:

The Mirror
Die 2 Nite
Found My Way
Suffocate [My Fire]
Make Believe
[cover tune]

We also have several more new songs which will be added to the setlist after the cd is released.