The three very different individuals who make up ‘SLDB’ are from 3 very different backgrounds and were brought up on very different scenes, but one thing brings them together their love for all things electronic. They got their own sound ‘Emotronic synth pop’, and even their own language ‘Conducive Binary’.

It's big, brashy, loud, colourful and kooky but thoughtful too, with great pop hooks loud synths, and rip roaring Guitar riffs. Listen hard and you'll hear echoes of New Wave and Depeche Mode’s early naïve sound, Daft Punk’s modern electronic edge, the Hoxton indie feel with 80s electro-pop, all with an edge that's totally contemporary, immediately commercial, and very difficult to place. SLDB don’t settle for ‘ordinary’ or ‘good enough’, it’s brand new yet familiar, and there’s nothing else like it.

The band is made up of three members, Theo WB the voice and sound synthesis hero also the leader. MdashO is the computer whiz and audio programming genius and DotSam - the bastard love child of jethro tull and Frank Zappa, Born without the ability of speech and a fender strocaster welded to his arm, he prefers to communicate through blues orientated guitar licks. The band was brought together through a love of a road safety game ‘Extreme Crossing’.

Along with Sean Maghee and Alexander Nileree and Ben Laver- SLDB are working on their Debut album and having gigged extensively in Hoxton, Soho and as far a sea as Bulgaria, the band is currently taking bookings for next year…..

World Domination is Imminent!



Set List

Current set list:

Intro (3 mins)
Party In my Pants (4mins)
Sympathy (3 mins)
Wanna Be (4 mins)
Television Rules the nation(5 mins)
Robot Love (4mins)

Total set time (approx 20 mins)