Sleazy Joe

Sleazy Joe


Sleazy Joe is first and foremost a great live band. The band was borned to play live and do stunning shows. Basic Rock N' Roll songs with maximum energy. LOUD!


Yeah well, I guess it all started way back in the fifties with our good friends Chuck and Elvis and then it developed over a couple of decades (we all remember Mick Jagger and his Rolling Stones in the sixties), to finally take a huge step in the eighties. Of course I'm talking about rock n' roll. Mix it up with a little sleaze. Some glam. Don't forget a pinch of punk and you've got the picture. Rock. And roll.
Bands that took the rock n' roll lifestyle all the way in the seventies and the eighties sure paved the way for most bands active today. Back in the good old days of punk there was the New York Dolls and the Ramones. Glam was the way to go for Kiss. Mötley Crüe took care of the sleazebag. The hard rock belonged to AC/DC and the heavy metal to Iron Maiden. And in the end of the eighties we have the kings of sleaze: Guns N' Roses, which lead us up to more recent bands like Backyard Babies, Foo Fighters, Hardcore Superstar and Green Day. Bands like that still carry on the flag. The flag of rock n' roll.

Then it was these four guys from a little godforsaken place in Sweden that nobody's ever heard of. They grew up with a similar interest in rock n' roll and everything that comes with it. One late Christmas night in 2004 Johnny and Joe got together for a cup of coffee. Twelve hours later they had written, recorded and mixed what would become the first song of the nowadays notorious band Sleazy Joe.
The boys haunted down every old friend and member of their families and played their song to them, and it became obvious that it would be a mortal sin not to take Got Me Goin' one step further.
They contacted Kim, who was an old friend from a forgotten time of tiny bands in tiny studios and late night pizza-meetings, and asked him to play bass. He never thought twice about it.
Two is a couple, three is a band. Now they only needed a singer, someone with voice and looks enough to be a front figure. They called Steven. He showed up in the studio for a coffee and a chat. That coffee break resulted in the birth of Sleazy Joe.

Almost a year passed by. Johnny, Joe, Kim and Steven bided their time in the studio, writing a bunch of songs and rehearsing. The first of April 2006 it was time. The band did their first live show ever as support act for Hardcore Superstar. And then it took off, with newspaper interviews and more shows. A couple of days after the first show they got a call from Sweden Rock Festival. Sleazy Joe was asked to play at the Rockklassiker stage as the first unsigned band ever. Hats of to the boys. Yet another couple of days later the Siesta festival contacted the band, and the last day of the Siesta festival Sleazy Joe played on the indoor stage. And that's not all, that summer they also played at Festivaldax in Hässleholm. Simultaneously they recorded their first EP. They never planned on the recording to take as long time as it did, it wasn't finished until early 2007.

So. That's the story so far. But it's not the end, it's only just started. It will be a lot more to come…


Rock Star EP 2007

Set List

Typical Sleazy Joe live show is 10-20 songs depending on time on stage given.
We play only our own material, and maybe one cover if we feel like it.
It's 40-70 minutes of loud Rock N' Roll and a great stage show.