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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada | INDIE | AFM

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada | INDIE | AFM
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"Sleddogs Have You Beg for More"

When you want new Canadian Rock but are tired of the usual, look no further than the doghouse. The sleddogs have mushed onto the local scene, into our stereos and now, right into your lap.
Sleddogs paint vivid pictures with deep-rooted, classic Canadian-rock stylings and lyrics by both singers/songwriters, Arlen Park and Kenny Byrka (also the bassist). Their pervy rough (but sweet) vocals, along with solid guitar work by Michael Donley and Eric Funk banging on the drums, set the scene for a fantastic CD. Their debut, Great Escape, contains 11 tracks that promise good vibes.
These Kelowna guys pull together sensual three-part harmonies that hit you in the gut. The album is good and gritty, with a witty rock feel that blends styles of classic rock with notable influences. They are kinda like Matchbox 20, Blue Rodeo, mixed with a hint of rambling road songs that you listened to as a kid.
Their introspective lyrics make me think that they idolized the Tragically Hip and Rush. They also have that fun Great Big Sea kind of energy and catchy sing-along songs, with a splash of mellow country rock that reminds me of Neil Young.
They have been working like dogs for the past six months, and are beginning to realize how much work is still ahead.
They begin touring this September, and their first music video is due to be wrapped up for their new single, Bye Bye Life. They have also been increasingly popular on Canadian airwaves, with radio play from Halifax to Victoria. Silk FM has them on regular rotation, and Power 104 and SPL Sound have been kind enough to sponsor their CD release party at the Kelowna Actors Studio on August 19th.
Help sleddogs say thanks by requesting their songs, 'Great Escape' or 'Bye Bye Life', or just come out to the release party and show your support. They also give you a treat -- Oprah Style. That's right, you get your very own Great Escape CD with each ticket purchased at 20 bones each, and $35 for a family.
Get your belly rubbed at the sleddogs CD Release Party and listen to the retro rock-dogs wag their tails all the way up the Canadian music charts! OC - Off-Centre Magazine August 2005 by Vixn Pryzbysz


Kelowna, B.C.'s Sleddogs has been racing around Canada promoting its debut album, Great Escape. The band travelled a whopping 2500 kms in two and a half days on a mid-October East Coast jaunt, and has done similar blitzes on the West Coast and Ontario/Quebec. A trip to Edmonton's EZ Rock resulted in the station featuring the debut single, 'Bye Bye Life'. Other hot AC and rock stations have added the tune, including Winnipeg's Q94; Waterloo, ON's KOOL FM; Kelowna, B.C.'s Sun-FM; Vernon, B.C.'s Sun-FM, and Galaxie continuous music network's pop adult channel. The video received out-of-the-box adds from MuchMoreMusic (light rotation), and MusiMax. The latter even added it to medium rotation, despite a 65 percent francophone content regulation. Interviews and album previews will continue through the winter, following up recent appearances on Vancouver's CFOX, Westmont, P.Q.'s CHOM, and Victoria, B.C.'s The Q. Sleddogs will be in Ontario for showcases and promo in November, returning to the Maritimes Dec. 5 for promo, before a string of gigs and radio dates in the Prairies. - Jen Houston/Canadaian Music Network

"Reviews by Christine"

It is amazing to me that Kelowna, British Columbia pop-rock band Sleddogs have only been together for about 18 months because they are tighter and more polished than many bands I’ve heard who have been established for five times as long. This impressive Okanagan Valley trio is made up of founder and ruggedly handsome front man Kenny Byrka (bass, vocals and keyboards), Michael Donley (lead guitar and backing vocals) and Eric Funk (drums, percussion and backing vocals); each good-looking member being a seasoned musician with influences ranging from the classic rock of artists such as Neil Young, Led Zeppelin, U2, REM, and Foo Fighters to Canadian treasures Leonard Cohen, The Guess Who and Rush. Sleddogs don’t sound anything like those bands, (imagine a blended concoction of Gino Vanelli, April Wine, The Tea Party and Grant Lee Buffalo/Phillips) but Byrka’s powerfully clear and resolutely sensual bass vocals are supported by exceptional back-up harmonies.
Great Escape is their tremendous debut album on which Arlen Park also contributed vocals and acoustic guitars. Its’ poetic, sometimes spiritual and often reflective lyrics offer slice of life portraits of periods, places and people like on “Mrs. Cambie” and “Cubicle Girl”; the sexy, striking love ballad “Do Not Love Me Carefully” and the sonically charged Soundgarden type rocker “Not Fit For Me”. Great Escape has already spawned two thriving singles: the positive about the future while being nostalgic “Bye Bye Life” and radio friendly “A Perfect Place”, the snowy video for which can be seen on MuchMoreMusic.

“I saw a man and his boy looking over the land
The boy could see but he could not understand
He just danced around catching raindrops in
His hands
It should have been perfect…

I had a dream I was floating in an orange sky
Drifting like a tear on a butterfly
And I could hardly hear myself cry
It was perfect”

The third single is “Happy Face”, an up-tempo ballad with a deceiving title for the painful story of a son bearing the shame of his parents’ disappointment in him. It’s one of my favourite tracks on the album along with the title track “Great Escape” - as the lyrics hit home for me right now - and the charming violin-tinged folk rock, fire-fighting/tragedy of progress song “Profit On The Mountain”.

Between live shows in Canada, Sleddogs is currently recording a new project in Vancouver which is slated for a fall release. Touted as Canada’s next Tragically Hip (although lyrically I don’t think they’re quite there yet), Sleddogs is currently on tour to show audiences that they indeed have what it takes to be just as successful. They are playing in Kingston on July 20, 2006 on the K-Rock Party Boat Cruise and at The Merchant Tap House at 11:45 p.m. so don’t miss them if you can help it!

“Bite back at the dogs” at their official website ( or at MySpace at

Christine Bode

- Christine Bode July 2006

"Not your average rock"

Not your average rock
By Courtney Gillies
Aug 17, 2006, 05:17

The Sleddogs have been likened to
The Tragically Hip, are inspired by Rush, Leonard Cohen and Neil Young and sounds of The Guess Who and April Wine come through in their songs.
It’s those influences that set them apart from today’s average rock band and can be heard in their two-and three-part harmonies.
“We grew up listening to a lot of that kind of material. It seems like when we see some of these younger bands coming up they don’t put a lot of emphasis on that,” said
Kenny Bryka lead singer, bass and keyboard player. “They either don’t think it’s important or don’t worry about trying to refine it and practice it.
“Not everybody can do it, that’s the other thing. If you can you definitely have to use it I think.”
The rock trio from Kelowna, B.C., including Mike Donley on lead guitar and back up vocals and Eric Funk on drums and back up vocals, perform at the Silver Buckle on Friday at 9 p.m. A $5 cover charge will be collected at the door.
Fresh out of the studio, Sleddogs are making their first trip to Medicine Hat.
“We’ve never actually played there, just passed through it,” said Bryka whose, last stop in the Hat 12 years ago saw him squaring off against the Medicine Hat Tigers as a member of the Brandon Wheat Kings.
Sleddogs got together in December 2004, played their first concert on Jan. 27, 2005, their debut album Great Escape was released later that year, their singles Bye Bye Life and Perfect Place cracked the top 70 on the charts and they are anticipating the release of their second album in the fall.
“It looks really good for October. We’re making good ground on it which is cool,” said Bryka of the yet-to-be-titled CD. “It’s got a lot of complex material so we might actually call it Plain and Simple . . . kind of a dichotomy because the material is a bit deeper.”
Bryka said the new album has more of a live feel to it and is more of a reflection of the collaboration of all three band members.
“It’s a little grittier, I wouldn’t say heavier necessarily, but definitely more ambiance, a little raw, a little more organic at times,” said Bryka. “The first album is a little bit at times light and then we go out and play live and people say, ‘wow you guys are much better than your CD.’
“Records are important, but you have to be able to go out there and sell the deal. If you can’t do it, I don’t see the point.”
For more information visit

© Copyright by Medicine Hat - Medicine Hat News By Courtney Gillies

"Great Escape CD opening doors for Sleddogs"

Jan 15 2006
By Charlie Hodge

The New Year already holds a whole lot of interesting news for a variety of residents in the Okanagan, and especially so for some of the valley’s best-known local musical performers.
The highly acclaimed, hard working rockers The Sleddogs have just completed a lengthy whirlwind tour traveling from coast to coast and back promoting their superb first album Great Escape as well as their charting single Bye, Bye, Life.
The catchy tune recently charted at 68 on the Canadian hot AC charts and the video of the single was placed on MuchMoreMusic and MusiMax.
During the tour the band played numerous great venues across Canada including the Cadillac Lounge in Toronto and Club Soda in Montreal.
Now, the Sleddogs have been invited to play at Canadian Music Week in Toronto March 1 to 4, where they will also be shooting their second video, Perfect Place.
A single of the same song is about to be released this month (recorded at Greenhouse Studios in Vancouver with Steven Drake from The Odds, who worked with Tragically Hip, 54-40, J. Fisher) and mastered/mixed by Rich Chycki of Aerosmith, Mick Jagger, Pink and Seal fame.
Now, The Sleddogs are currently working on pre-production for their second CD.
In between all the studio work the band has played an amazing 152 shows since their debut at Snowfest on Jan. 27 of last year.
If you want to check out closer what all the fuss is about then take in their shows coming up at the Pheasant & Quail Jan. 19 to 21.

- Capital News


By: Melody Geear

Debuting this year with their album, “Great Escape” this BC band has hit it big as a forefront new artist in the Canadian music scene. Creating a retro rock sound reminiscent of mid-90’s alternative rock, Sleddogs have a lot to celebrate and with good reason. After giving their disc a listen, it’s hard to tell that this band is new to the charts with their somewhat seasoned sound and radio ready melodies.

Sleddogs has the feel of Gin Blossoms, Dishwalla and Tonic all mixed together. Their sound contains strong guitar riffs with a bit of an edge underneath smooth vocals and introspective lyrics. It has the force of rock without having to be too loud, raspy and in your face. The mellowness is refreshing and easy to appreciate, just as the some alt-rock bands in the mid-90s had in their heyday.
Lead singer Ken Byrka has a strength is his voice that shows passion and a natural ability for storytelling. “Perfect Place” is one of my favorites, possessing the right mix of deep vocals and strong guitar rhythms. “Happy Face” a top chart hit has become a fast favorite for many Canadians. A more forceful track, “Great Escape” is a driving and fast-paced, rhythmically catchy song. Supported by forceful guitar riffs by Michael Donley and a tight drum set from Eric Funk (which shows you can’t go wrong if you’ve got Funk on drums) this song is captivating and intriguing. “Bye Bye Life” is smooth, progressive and a radio friendly track. The quality of the guitar solo towards the end of the song is reminiscent of the band Zebrahead – edgy and uniquely captivating.

Sleddogs already has the attention of Canadian radio, with a great debut already under their belts. Featured on such shows as MuchMoreMusic, it won’t be long until this band breaks into US radio. Their second CD effort will more than likely have a great buzz surrounding the release in Spring of 2007. Sleddogs definitely has the capacity to become a big name in the near future with the path they are currently following.

"Snow Fest"

Highlight of the night for me, however, was to catch the very talented Ken Byrka and his band the Sleddogs. Byrka and his buddies churn out an infectious, in- your-face, high-energy rock sound and craft some fine original tunes.
The Sled Dogs hope to release their first CD in the very near future.
Byrka is clearly a strong songwriter with a lot to say and the musical buddies to backup his creative thoughts. I was particularly
captured by their tunes. I must
admit that my mental anticipation of what I expected musically from Byrka’s band—and what I got—were many miles apart. Ken’s very gentle, peaceful nature led me to anticipate sounds along the line of John Mayer or even a Valdy.
Another reminder (but very pleasant one) of what happens when someone assumes something. Great stuff Ken and the Sleddogs.

- Charlie Hodge/Capital News



by Jess Mitchell
BC Musician Magazine
February 2007 Issue

Canada’s hottest new music stars will be honoured at the 10th Annual Canadian Radio Music Awards (CRMA) on Saturday, March 10, 2007. In previous years, the CRMAs introduced rookies such as Avril Lavigne, Sam Roberts, Arcade Fire and Michael Buble. This year at the CRMAs, BC’s Sleddogs are nominated in the Best New Group – Hot AC category for their single ‘Perfect Place’ which has charted in the Hot AC Top 40, and cracked the MediaBase ROCK Top 100. This is quite a feat for the rock trio that has only been together for two years; in such a short time they have made a serious impact on the Canadian music scene.

“We are just beginning to realize the enormous impact that this song (‘Perfect Place’) has had over the last year”, says Sleddogs front man and lead vocalist Kenny Byrka. “We are very pleased with the nomination and the support from Canadian radio.”

‘Perfect Place’ continues to receive national airplay, and at one point received the third highest number of spins, next to Coldplay, on Montreal’s CHOM 97 creating a major buzz amongst industry and fans alike.

“The CRMA nominees for 2007 illustrate the wealth of promising Canadian musical talent, and the commitment of private radio broadcasters to support and promote Canada’s next wave of up-and-coming music stars”, said Gary Slaight, President and CEO of Standard Broadcasting Corporation and one of the founders of the awards. “This event provides us with a great opportunity to celebrate the essential and enduring connection between Canada’s music artists and Canadian private radio.”

CRMA nominees include artists who have hit the Canadian charts for the first time and who have achieved top airplay in different formats based on radio spins as recorded by Nielson Broadcast Data Systems (BDS) in 2006. Votes are cast by music directors, program directors and on-air personalities to determine the winners.

Sleddogs are set to release a new album in the spring, and will follow that up with a cross-Canada tour. For upcoming performance dates and new information on Sleddogs, visit their official website , or their MySpace site
- BC Musician Magazine


Sleddogs have had great radio support in Canada.

1st Released CD is GREAT ESCAPE had 3 radio singles and 2 videos:
'Bye Bye Life'- charting Mediabase Top 70 HotAC
'Bye Bye Life' Video- added to MMM and MusiMax
'Perfect Place'- Charted in Top 40 HAC and Media based Top 100 Rock.
'Perfect Place' Video-added to MMM regular rotation
'Happy Face'- Top 100 in Rock and Hot AC

Christmas (2006) single
'Frosty the Snowman': secured impressive chart peaks of 63 bullet @ HAC, 83 bullet @ ROCK Radio and 214 bullet @ CHR
'Frosty the Snowman'Video- added to both MuchLoud and MMM. It was one of the most requested Top 10 holiday videos that season. A huge YouTube following!

2nd Released CD TAKE ME AWAY had 4 radio singles and 1 videos:
'Take Me Away'-HotAC 125 and Rock 100
'Take Me Away' Video- played on Much Music, Much More Music, and Much Loud.
'Lack of Control'- 77 Rock 82 HotAC
'Tragic-Top 125 Rock
'Sweet Loraine' Top 80 AC, Top100 HotAC, Top100 Rock.



Since forming in late 2004, Kelowna, BC's SLEDDOGS, have made asignificant mark on the Canadian rock landscape. Their stunningly accomplished 2005 debut, "Great Escape", tagged them as serious contenders with 3 songs cracking the Canadian Top 100 in Rock and HotAC formats and their hit single "Perfect Place" breaking through tothe Top 40 and receiving a nomination for a 2006 Canadian Radio MusicAward Best New Group HOT AC. Videos for Bye Bye Life and Perfect Place received out of the box adds from both MuchMoreMusic and MusiMax which helped to build the bands profile across Canada.
The second album "Take Me Away" released in 2007 has supported foursingles to date including the first release being the popular titletrack. The video for Take Me Away, saw significant airplay through thespring on Much Music, MuchLoud and MMM.
The moody and popular album track, Lack of Control was released to Canadian Rock and HAC radio cracking the Top 100 in both formats. A video for their Rockin' version of Frosty the Snowman, was releasedearly December and was added to both MuchLoud and MMM. It was one of the most requested Top 10 holiday videos this season. Tragic, the bands ever popular live track was successful on Canadian rock radio. Sweet Lorraine has been released to radio already charting in the top100 in both HAC and Rock radio formats. After performing close to 500 shows the band has toured extensivley through Canada as well as USA, New Zealand and the UK. The band is currently preparing for their third record to be recorded and released in the first half of 2009.