Sleep City Crisis

Sleep City Crisis


Diverse extreme electronic rock influenced heavily by 90s rock current rock and electronic music and most of its crazy sub genres.


Damian C. throughout his musical experience and adventure would venture back and forth from playing bass guitar till doing electronic midi sequencing. Back and forth he would venture in both styles of music and played bass and keys for some bands, but like many young bands that fell apart the story would seem similar for Damian C. instead of giving up he created his own project that only consists of 2 live members aside form him making it a three piece band.

Damian C. handles vocals, bass, keys, and sequencing while he hires just a live drummer and a guitarist. Sleep City Crisis is known for playing completely electronic songs as well as completely rock songs and mixed together.

The influences range form Foo Fighters, Alice in Chains, Aphex Twin, Nine Inch Nails, Haujobb, The Mars Volta, Tool, Death From Above 1979, along with electronic music that ranges from the IDM sub genre to drum n bass, ambient, etc.


Spontaneous Euphoria Vol.1 - Coming Soon