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The best kept secret in music



His moniker is Sleep, but to break into this music industry Deryk "Sleep" Mitchell knows sleep will be lacking. "I never Sleep," says the 22 year old Bakersfield Native, "if i slept as much as normal people do, I'd probably be a lot healthier, have a lot more energy, but i wouldn't have half the work i have done over the last year and a half! Its a rat race to the top."
Already working with a few industry names, we asked Sleep how the production process comes about for him. "Its like that movie The Butterfly Effect. Its like i just sit down in front of the equipment, pass out, and 10-15 minutes later i have what could be a chart topping smash coming through the speakers."
Having a knack for music is one thing, yet having an ear for a hit is another level of musicianship Sleep believes to posses, and is prevelant throughout the "got Sleep? vol. 1" 'Pre Season' " On Nutzo's "Gettin Money" with heavy organs, earthquake like snares, and nightmarish strings, its apparent that Sleep can orchestrate a street level smash, with mainstream anthem appeal. Then on the poignant, smooth would be teenager smash by Shy Boogz titled Lets Go, Sleeps silky piano arrangments are completely on point, followed by a bridge laced with spanish guitars that may lead you to believe he brought Carlos Santana in on the session. (not to mention he wrote the lyrics) He's also currently working with artists you may know. Such as Loon, (former Bad Boy) Redd Eyezz (Juveniles label) Lil Flip (Sony) Ya Boy (Black Wall Street) Bishop Lamont (Aftermath) Chrisette Michele (Featured on Lost One with Jay-z) as well as securing the official remixes for Christina Milian feat. Young Jeezy, as well as Omarions Ice Box remix.
Although in the beginning stages of his career, he already has the confidence and swagger of a seasoned veteran. As equally humble as talented, we ask why he chose the title 'Pre Season,' for his upcoming compilation. He says candidly, "Because im the best and i just make music in my spare time," as him and his friends burst into laughter, he then settles, careful of his every sentence, yet very wellspoken like a polished political candidate, "naw, i named it that because thats the hunger i have, i feel like a draft pick with all the expectations in the world on my shoulders, i've done all the training, im ready for the real thing now. Im tired of these warm up games, time for the real deal!" Split personalities, genius, or just diverse? You be the judge. From the looks and sounds of it, Sleep will be around many years to come so get use to the name...oh yeah and dont "Sleep" on his skills.

written by Eli Wilson
- Music Connection


Christina Milian Feat. Young Jeezy - Say I Remix
prod. by Sleep Deez

Beyonce - Ring The Alarm Remix
Shy Boogz - Lets Go
Radio Play on Bakersfields Hot 94.1

Lawless - Brazil & Wilmington Records

Glasses Malone Big Ego/Sony Urban

Lil Eazy E

Ya Boy - Precise Music Group/Black Wall Street

Dre'sta the Gangsta - several untitled tracks
coming out on Jerry Hellers Label

8 oz. seveeral untitled tracks
D.E.G. Ent

Big Bank - Asylum Records

Pop - Koch Records

"Pre Season" got Sleep vol. 1
Compilation entirely produced by Sleep Deez
with industry features.

Plus more to come!


Feeling a bit camera shy


With his laid back demeanor digging in the crates with an Ipod permanently tucked in his pocket, its easy to assume that producer Deryk Sleep Deez Mitchell is just your average guy harboring a guiltless obsession for vintage records. However, after you listen to his musical arsenal, it is clear that his unique sound has the hardiness of a proficient producer. Sleep challenges musical boundaries by carving out his own identity in todays highly competitive market. His list of production credits resembles a musical collage of Hip Hop and R&B, morphing soulful textures to fit seamlessly with any artist he works with. His distinctive club-savvy style is malleable enough to transcend genres, labels, and categories, and has posed as the musical platform for a slew of industry up and coming artists. The Bakersfield, California native developed a love for music at an early age from his grandmother, a jazz buff who kept John Coltrane and Charles Mingus in constant rotation. He absorbed Hip Hop sounds of the early 90s from artists like 2pac, WuTang, N.W.A, Snoop, Nas, Jay-Z, B.I.G and A Tribe Called Quest. Everybody had their own style and feel when they came out, he says of the era. Coming from a small city on the westcoast, I listened to everything from house to bass music, to East and West coast. Albums that really inspired me were Nas Illmatic, 2pacs Me Against The World, Snoops Doggystyle and Outkasts Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik. I miss that feeling albums like that gave me. Inspired to leave his own mark on the musical scene, Sleep began deejaying. With a firm understanding of how to make crowds gravitate to the dance floor, Sleep fueled his passion to get behind the boards and make the hits. I deejayed throughout high school and picked up producing as a hobby, he explains. A little over 2 years ago, I was in my room in college one day listening to Chronic 2001, and it just hit me. I wasnt really feeling school or the thought of working in corporate America, so from that day on I spent all of my energy perfecting my craft to pursue a job working in the industry. With an ever-growing arsenal of production skills and style, Sleep stays true to his own creative spirit. When I sit down to make a beat, I always try to do something I havent done before, he says. I rarely use the same drums and sounds - at the end of the day I just make beats that I like. Im just fortunate that people seem to like the same things I do. Making records today is very technology driven, and Sleep attests that he is not working directly in the studio with the artists as much as he would like to, although he plans on making some moves to change that. Most of the time the artist does the whole song before they even contact me. I blame it on Pro Tools. Thats been the nature of the business for up and coming producers like me. To me, a collaborative effort is best when it comes to making music. A producer and an emcee both have visions for the track. With the establishment of his production company, Sleep Tight Productions LLC, and a growing musical palette destined to garner strong radio support, Sleep is forging his way into an elite circle of beat crafters. So many artists feel that they have to have one street record, a club anthem, and a few radio tracks to make an album successful, he attests. I want to create music that inspires artists to push beyond the boundaries of current music. You cant create history just by replicating the past - you always have to keep pushing the bar.