Sleep Dreamer

Sleep Dreamer


Our music is considered rock/ambient. But we also try to incorporate different kinds of experimental sounds into our music. We have songs that are soft and slow, and songs that are loud and fast. Our music is characterized by it's originality and song diversity.


We are a band from Olathe, KS that formed in November of 2007. We all attend the same college and that is how we met. Immediately after our first practice we all knew that this would be something we would want to pursue. Our band is influenced by musicians like Jeff Buckley, My Brightest Diamond, Death Cab for Cutie, Mutemath, Radiohead, among countless others. We have played with various bands from across the U.S. as well as local Kansas City bands such as Vedera, The Sailor Sequence, and Queens Club. We strive to put on an exciting show and we love performing. Experimenting with new sounds is something that we enjoy doing and it also sets us apart from a lot of other bands. There is nothing we would rather do than play music.


The Mariana ep released in November of 2008.
"Tell Me" single released from the Mariana ep.

Set List

Our set list is usually between 30 and 45 minutes depending on if we are playing at the beginning for end of the show. We have an intro that we incorporate into our live sets followed recentlyby the songs Tell Me, You give me the Creeps, Say what you Mean, Cops and Robbers, and Lost in the Dark. Of course we try to mix our set list up and add and remove songs as we wish. We have never done any covers in our sets.