Sleeper-Cell: A rythmic based rock/metal act since 2000. Take 5 guys from 5 completely separate backrounds and interests...combine them in an "everyone writes" environment and what you're left with is a sound so original and'll have no choice but to bounce your head!


A classic story...started this musical journey in an old grain elevator that I, mark, rented for 40 dollars a month. "Then" the line-up was 4 guys(Mark-drums, Jaimee-Guitar, Bob-Bass, and Jerry-singer). We lost Bob to another band in the area, leaving us bassless. At the same time Jerry was having personal issues to deal with so he to left the band as well. This was our defining moment!

Just a few miles down the old country road "sandridge" our good buddy Chris, a fantastic drummer as apposed to mark at this time, was playing with just a bass player (Rob Leo) from Boston, Ma. Rob who had just recently moved to Ohio with Chris's sister became our new bass player. Mark offered his spot in the band to Chris and took over the vocal spot. It seemed that everyone was in their respective spots at this time. We then decided, for thickening purposes, we needed to add another guitarist. Andy was the perfect match.

Through the usual band drama our line up has had various changes. Jaimee left the band and the search was on for a new lead guitarist. After searching for awhile we met Kenny, we knew that he was the one to take over this position with out a doubt. Then our good friend and drummer Chris decided to leave us for personal reasons. The search was on again to fill the spot on the drums. This was a difficult spot to fill. We auditioned quite a few drummers before we met up with Jason who is absolutely amazing on the skins.

This is the current line-up now and has been for the last 2 years. We couldn't be happier! Each of us are so differently influenced from 80's glam-rock, to the 90's hip-hop movement, to the present day metal acts such as Godsmack or Disturbed. The only thing that sets us apart from others?...mileage!


"Mama Said Knock You Out" (2007 PMG Records)
"Black" (2008 PMG Records)
Both singles released by Sleeper-Cell and PMG Records through Universal Digital Distribution. Available on,,,, and many more! Recently released "Black" to 200 sts radio stations!

Set List

We have 18 original songs and 10 or 12 covers(rather not!) that allow us to negotiate our set as it pertains to the venue.
2.Left Unsaid
3.Falling Down
6.The Priest
8.Everyone's A Victim
9.Death Is Too Good For You
10.Nobody Wins
11.Breathless and Dying
12.What Would You Do?
16.Truth Is The Enemy
17.What If I...