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"The Big Takeover"

This LA quintet's durable, post-hardcore aesthetic is embellished with indie rock sensibilities, a la Jawbox and Red Animal War. Sleeper City's frayed, sinewy riffs splinter off into six-string daggers, careening head-on with a relentless rhythm section, culminating in an enveloping, gale-force rush. In spite of this EP's full-bore intensity, I have to hand it to these guys for maintaining an equal caliber of melodicism. It's safe to say that Sleeper City will be a total dig it for aficionados of Deep Elm Records, and a myriad of likeminded 1990s D.C. bands. (
by Neal Agneta - The Big Takeover Magazine

" - (9/7/06"

When the Ometer receives a shipment of album submissions, it's not uncommon for the human filter (yours truly) to greet the stack of albums with a combination of trepidation and excitement. Trepidation because, in spite of many a band's best efforts, a good percentage of the albums we receive suck worse than Andie McDowell in Short Cuts. Excitement because, for every twenty albums that make me want to puncture my own eardrums, there's one like Sleeper City that makes it all worth it.

I never expect much when listening to these submissions, so I was surprised that the first track on Sleeper City, 'Asleep' sounded a lot like an Ometer favorite, Swervedriver. There were the swirling guitars, the pounding drums, the unique song structures, and the rarest of all elements on the albums this site receives: a singer who could not only carry a tune but carry it well.

Of course, having been let down by a great many albums that started out good and went to Hell after the opener, I was still skeptical. Could one of these albums actually be good? It's happened before, but it's about as rare as a Kennedy vacation with no casualties. When 'Forced Induction' started out with a riff that would make Fireside's Pelle Gunnerfeldt proud, I couldn't help but smile.

Even though this EP only has five tracks, I don't want to do a track by track review. Just know that all of the songs sound something like some of bands you like without ever photocopying any of them. There are hints of the Dismemberment Plan on the percussive 'Thank You Very Little,' a little bit of Toad the Wet Sprocket in the vocals of 'Forced Induction,' and glorious Jesus and the Mary Chain-esque noise at the end of the closer, 'Just Remembered.'

This is a short review, but Sleeper City is a short record, clocking in at 17 minutes. I don't really have any problems with it, and it will be interesting to see if the band can maintain the same level of quality over the course of an entire LP. Personally, I can't wait.

So, to all the bands who send out albums to hundreds of sites in hopes of getting a positive review, here are some simple guidelines. Be good, be interesting, and please, for God's sake, be able to sing. Oh, and put your hat on straight. It's embarrassing.

Download the album at the bands official site:


-Brent Waggoner

"toursentong review french-translation (7/1/06)"

(Sharktooth records 2006)

Très bonne surprise pour une découverte estivale. SLEEPER CITY est un jeune groupe de Los Angeles qui ne manque pas d'aiguiser mon intérêt. Avec ce premier EP au son plus qu'accrocheur, ce sympathique quintet californien navigue avec talent entre Dredg, Moments in Grace et même Counterfit. Rien de fondamentalement novateur mais l'intention est juste, on sent le désir d'échapper aux progressions d'accords les plus basiques. La voix manque peut être un peu de charisme pour égaler les influences précitées mais les bases sont là. 5 titres assez similaires s'enchaînent sur du mid-tempo bien frappé, on ne tombe pas dans le brouillon et les mélodies se révèlent progressivement ("Hiding"). Un peu de temps vous sera demandé afin de véritablement apprécier ces morceaux, mais la patience est toujours récompensée. Des changements de rythmiques, des parties guitares saccadées à la Minus The Bear ("Forced Induction") sauront titiller les amateurs d'Indie et même les adeptes d'un rock alternatif plus lourd. Il manque vraiment peu de chose pour que Sleeper City trouve ça place au sein d'une scène, il est vrai, déjà bien embouteillée. A suivre de près.
*Infos et extraits :

par : Trist'
SLEEPER CITY E.P (Sharktooth records 2006)

Very good surprised for a summer discovery. SLEEPER CITY is a young group of Los Angeles that does not lack to sharpen my interest. With this first EP to the sound more more more than catchier, this likable Californian quintet sails with talent between Dredg, Moments in Grace and even Counterfit. Nothing of basically pioneer but the intention is just, one feels the desire to escape the progressions agreed the most basal ones. Voice lacks can be a little charisma to equal the aforementioned influences but the bases are there. 5 titles rather similar link on mid-tempo well hit, one does not fall in the untidy one and the melodies reveal themselves progressively ("Hiding"). A little times will have asked you in order truly to appreciate these pieces, but patience always is rewarded. Changes of rhythmic, on the part jerky guitars to the Minus The Bear ("Forced Induction") will know titiller the indie amateurs and even the followers of a rock alternate one heavier. It lacks really few thing for that Sleeper City finds that places within a scene, it is true, already well clogged. To follow by near. *Infos and extracts:

By: Trist' ***


" - (6/22/06)"

Sleeper City woke my S%$t up!!
Posted by sriskin on Jun 22nd, 2006
I saw these guys at Zen Sushi in Silverlake as they blazed through an ear splitting 5 song set at Silverlakes Zen Sushi. With dual guitars blasting out sometimes syncopated, start-stop rhythms, the lead singer twisted and turned as if possessed by the moment he was in. These guys reminded me of the indie-rock scene in the Chapel Hill (No. Carolina)area many years ago with bands like Archers of Loaf, Polvo and Superchunk. It was great to see this type of music again, and I'm sure it won't be the last from this band. They are definitely worth checking out, but be sure to bring ear-plugs.


"Music Connection Magazine - (10/9/06"

Right out of the gate, this L.A.-based band generate a high level of intensity with catchy chords and jump-beat cadences. What’s more, they don’t play it safe, choosing to structure songs in a semi-freestyle way while somehow anchoring their exploits with familiar rock textures. The vivid songs, “Sleep,” Forced Induction,” and “Thank You Very Little,” show subtle inspiration of R.E.M, Sonic Youth, and Morrissey while never aping anyone in particular.

- Music Connection Magazine

" - (10/7/06)"

Sleeper City - EP

Hailing from LA, Sleeper City are on the rise in the states, this EP shows off their talents well. The band conduct a set of well crafted songs on this 5 track EP, each song compromises of hard wheeling guitars that soar throughout yet also work well against the more melodic parts, that contribute to their ‘post-rock’ sound. The band use their song structure well, switching between downbeat verse to uplifting melody filled choruses, while still maintaining a somewhat tortured soul effect, especially on the track ‘Just Remembered’. Overall, the band certainly have something with this release, and from what I take from this EP, they also have the potential to push things forward and grow on it too.. Sleeper City perhaps a band to look out for in the next 12 months.

"Smother Magazine - (10/3/06)"

Post-punk, post-hardcore, post-indie, post-whatever. Yeah that’s where our friends Sleeper City rest their laurels. Riddled with the sort of noise rock that Hot Water Music embodies but with far superior melodic vocals and a knack for crafting a fine “pop” song, Sleeper City is that indie rock group that you see open for a major label “big” band that steals the show. Tight songwriting and a feverish approach to their music, Sleeper City is a big relief on the indie rock circuit. Thanks guys!
- J-Sin
- Smother Magazine

"High Bias - (9/27/06)"

Made up of veterans of the underground music scene, Sleeper City has its shit together. A little anthemic rock (more U2 than emocore), a little jagged postpunk noise and a little powerhouse dreampop get wrapped around melodies that hit the spot on first listen, even as the rattling arrangements beg for further indulgence. Singer Mikey De Lara is the focal point here, despite the guitars that fill every nook and cranny, and his passionate, soaring voice is nearly impossible to resist. It would just be caterwauling without good songs to hang on, though; fortunately, De Lara has tunes the caliber of “Hiding,” “Just Remembered” and “Asleep.” There are only five songs on Sleeper City, but after it’s over you’ll wish there were five more. Michael Tolan - High Bias Music Blog

"Foxy Digitalis - (9/23/06)"

Singer Mickey De Lara and crew plow through five power-punk and emo tracks on this EP, but rise above the usual limitations. That means this record rocks, and has heart, but doesn’t overwhelm with self-absorption or pretension. “Forced Induction” is a good intro to the band: fast, angry and human, with a little bit of soul. In the same vein is “Thank You Very Little”, which manages some credible range and good hooks. There is a lot of rhythm under the thunder, which gives these songs a kind of Husker-y weight, especially on “Just Remembered.”

Sleeper City ought to be the band you see on MTV after sitting through four hours of lame reality shows waiting for an actual music video. Usually what is on the other end of that vigil is Dashboard Confessional or Train, which brings only more grief. Sleeper City belongs in their stead as an antidote to all things top 10.- Mike Wood
- Foxy Digitalis


Sleeper City EP [2006]
- Asleep
- Forced Induction
- Thank You Very Little
- Hiding
- Just Remembered


Feeling a bit camera shy


The members of Sleeper City grew up immersed in the counter-culture that record labels like SST and Dischord created. As they grew older, they noticed that it was the passion in the music. That was the most important thing, no matter the genre, fashion, or politics behind it. In 2006, Sleeper City was formed by members of other successful bands (Stroke 9, Sloe, Anasarca). They create driving, emotive, rock music and thoughtful, catchy melodies with an explosive live show that can't be missed.

Sleeper City is:
Mikey de Lara
Joseph Nathan (Sloe)
James Sajor (Anasarca)
Stephen Small
Eric Stock (Stroke 9)