Sleepers Awake

Sleepers Awake


Sleepers Awake is a one-of-a-kind, musically impressive, pop-friendly prog-metal band. Our singer has an awesome set of pipes, Rob drops jaws with his guitar, and our rhythm section is impeccably tight. We show up to entertain and always work hard with the promoter to put on an awesome rock show.


Sleepers Awake was formed in 2005 by friends Rob Bradley and Chris Thompson with the goal of forging a new sound. Shortly after forming Rob’s brother Joey stepped in on bass. After a brief tenure with drummer Dan Bilbrey, Eric Grey stepped in behind the kit and the band recorded their first demo EP Werdegang at Moo Pigface Studios with Dan Boyd.

Following the EP, the band continued to gain the respect of Columbus fans and fellow musicians over the next few years. In the Summer of 2008 after a split with drummer Eric Grey, drummer Chris Burnsides (Unknown Origin, One Eye Witness) stepped in to fill the role and the band began to discuss its first full length record.

After finalizing the lineup, Sleepers Awake began work on Priests of the Fire with well respected producer Joe Viers (Neil Zaza, Bobaflex, Kill What I Adore, Red Wanting Blue). The result was an album that was both heavy and melodic, linear yet sensible. To quote Chris DeVille of Columbus ALIVE! Newspaper:

“The band's surest strength is winding song structures that rarely repeat yet still manage to satisfy pop cravings without the benefit of repetition. There's a melodic smartness about these riffs that transcends short attention spans and achieves the kind of sonic landscape the band is shooting for”

Or to quote Columbus music critic, and notoriously difficult to impress, Rick Allen of The Other Paper:

“Progressive metal is not one of the sounds Columbus is known for, which makes Sleepers Awake’s Priests of the Fire an interesting anomaly… Given the solid material and abundant talent Sleepers Awake displays with Priests of the Fire, the band is certainly one worth keeping an eye on…”

Sleepers Awake continues to expand its base outside of the tri-state area and share its music with the rest of the music world. Plans of a regional supporting tour Spring of 2010 are in the works.


In Time

Written By: Chris Thompson

(v1) I am the one who saw peace in a gun
Make you love me for war and then turn
Soon you will see all the things I can be
Make you turn your back and believe

(v2) You are the ones I convince to do my will
Make you march at the sound of my words
Soon you will find the hollow in my eyes
Make you wish you could turn back time

(c) I will have your soul in time
All the world will find a place to die
In time

(v3) We are the ones they seduce to carry out
All of whats in a mind
Make up your mind, one and only time
the illusion of a choice, your choice

(c) And he will have your souls in time
All the world will find a place to die
In time

(Br) Trust me, deliverance for free
And pray to a god as long as you serve my needs.
Words of a deadly harbinger
Just today, healer of your pain

All the world in time
All the world in time

Boatman Blues(Song of Charon)

Written By: Chris Thompson

(v1) End of your time, cut thread of life
Beyond the boathouse, a dull and lifeless night
Long have I been rowin' 'cross this river Styx
Cursed with my fathers hood and my mothers parlor tricks

(c1) You better have my money
The hound, he is hungry
You better have my money

(v2) Twist of the knife, a shine in your eye
Slip out your silver tongue and I'll take you for a ride
Shores of the river, house of the devil
Tip of the balance, your conscience, judges tell

(c2) You better have my money
The hound, he is hungry
A hundred years of wandering
You better have my...

(br) Heart of stone, cold to the bone, Send this shade below
Death in your smile, blackest of eyes, Elysium belongs to those purest of white
Lust, pride, desecration of your life

(c1) 1x

(v3) My lasting plight, a skiff on the night
Pray to Olympus they grant you proper rite
Know I'll be waitng, got nothin' but time
Hold out my ivory hand to greet you when you die


Written By: Chris Thompson

(v1) Small, simple act
Giving you rights to pass
Life after death
We'll burn while you laugh

(c1) So slow the fall of the sleeping,
Hearts will burn
But it's not enough
Over and over in my head
Falling down, falling dead

(v2) Show all your love
Stand and be judged
Crooked finger
points the way to forever

(c1) 1x

- instrumental bridge -

(c1) 1x

Echoes In the Blood

Written By: Chris Thompson

(v1) Unfortunate circumstance, umbillical erosion,
the connection lost
Distortion of the signal paths
without a legend
Mask of comprehension

(c) Echoes in the blood
Origins within a perfect garden?
Glorious emergence from disorder?
When are the echoes reappearing?

(v2) Migration from a tenth planet
Evasion, find Heaven's golden sky
Just to, all die, swallowed by the ocean
Perhaps in time,
the clenching of a notion

(br pt.1) Where have we gone
Asphyxiate upon,
Ornamental history
We believe.

(br pt.2) Dig another hole
Tell us what it shows
Hypothesize a role
Sell it as your soul
What do I know

(c) Echoes in the blood, disappearing
Origins within a perfect garden?
Glorious emergence from disorder?
When are the echoes reappearing?

Far Away

Written By: Chris Thompson

(v1) Turn out the lights behind you
Keep out the fools but not you
You want to know me, keep me far away
A hallway full of doors
Learn to lock up yours
You want to love me, keep me far away
Far away

(c) I'm gonna lose you
You don't know a wolf with a wound
Never too close, he'll open up on you
Bring the light, peer into this heart of mine
Always too close, he'll open up on you

(v2) You feel like this is shot to hell
Another notch on my short belt
Thought I told you, keep me far away
Little wounds ever deepened
Never trust keeps a secret
Knew I'd have to keep you Far away
Far away

(c) 1x

- Instrumental outro -


"Priests of the Fire" - Full Length - 2009
"Werdegang"- EP - 2006

Set List

The Summoning
I Am Nero
The Ancient
The Colossus that Bestrode the World
Won't Let Go
Priests of the Fire

Phantom of the Opera - Andrew Lloyd Webber
Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Queen
Nights In White Satin - The Moody Blues

Alternate Originals:
Far Away
A Quiet Room
Synapse Withdrawal
Echoes in the Blood
Van Gantier
In Time

Set time is usually about 45 minutes. If we play all of our material set could be an hour plus. Any new material will be added as is completed.