Sleep for the Nightlife

Sleep for the Nightlife

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We make sliced bread look like what sliced bread made un-sliced bread look like.


"Sleep for the Nightlife is a frantic, wildly passionate quartet from Toronto. Their bold and bighearted linear fits and pensive calms are as dynamic and idiosyncratic as the four players themselves.
Likening their sound to "bicycles, temper tantrums, mandarin oranges in a light syrup, post cards, samurai, oatmeal raisin cookies and hot lady math teachers" on their Myspace, these indie rock vagrants seem to wander aimlessly through whatever genre, time signature or structure they can call home for a night. Though thickly layered and unpredictable Sleep for the Nightlife is clearly also a band that welcomes pop mentalities, fun and lightheartedness. Their upcoming release, "Human People EP", and a steady stream of supporting Canadian and US touring dates has definitely put a lot more eyes and ears onto a band that was once known to Torontonians as one of our best kept secrets." - Twin Cardinals Artist Co-operative


"Beau Ideal" (Promotional Sampler) Winter 2009, Twin Cardinals
"Don't Forget This Demo" - Fall 2008, Twin Cardinals

Set List

35-45 min set on average.
No Covers. Can play longer/shorter as required.