Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs


Textured, Rich, Elegant, Melodic, Powerful, Trashy, Sleazy, Energetic, Honest, Inspiring, Tender, Soulful and Stunning!


Formed in Jan 2004 Sleeping Dogs consist of vocalist Michael Kelly, guitarist Lawrence McLaughlin, bassist Gerard Kelly, and drummer Paul McGowan, each of whom brings a wealth of writing, recording and gigging experience with them from various other projects.

With all four members involved in the creative process Sleeping Dogs boasts a wide range of influences that contributes to a vivid, original and diverse sound, and believe in writing music that’s honest, personal and uplifting.

The band has invested some time on perfecting their live performance and has begun to break onto the live scene to a great reception from all who have see them play. Their small army of fans has begun to grow rapidly over a short period of time.

So what do they sound like?
Essentially Sleeping Dogs are a guitar based rock band. Their music is textured, rich, elegant, trashy, sleazy, energetic, inspiring, tender and soulful.

The band has completed a promotional demo CD and you can check out some of the samples from this on their website and tell them what you think by using the feedback button on the Contacts page.


From the band website you can download or stream 3 sample tracks.

Set List

Avarage set is around 30 minutes.
Typical Set List: (No Covers)
1. So Sweet
2. Some Day
3. On Song
4. Flow
5. Until it's over
6. Guardian Angel
7. Breeze
8. Kick