Sleeping Giant & the Word of the Day

Sleeping Giant & the Word of the Day


Sleeping Giant is a 5 piece original groove rock / reggae band out of Rochester, NY, that melds rock, reggae, dub, jazz and hip hop into a tasty sonic treat. Playing clubs all over the northeast, Sleeping Giant has never let the discerning listener down, providing an entertaining all around show


Sleeping Giant & the Word of the Day is a five piece band formed in 2004 in Rochester, NY. Dub Reggae, Rock, Psychadelia, Jazz and Hip-Hop are fused to form a unique sound, catchy, even poppy, yet at the same time daring and experimental. Sleeping Giant & the Word of the Day have spent the last three years touring incessantly throughout the Northeast, playing in front of packed houses from Buffalo to Boston, Pennsylvania to Plattsburgh, sharing the stage with the likes of The Wailers, Max Creek, Kevin Kinsella, Giant Panda Guerrilla Dub Squad, and many others. Featuring thoughtful, inspiring lyrics, intense, intricate guitar work, solid, hard hitting grooves and a rhythm guaranteed to make you move, the band, consisting of Lead Vocalist / Rhythm Guitar player Arthur Fraser, Bass Player Aaron Williams, Drummer Dylan Hoyt, and Lead Guitar Steve Dushenko, is currently in studio working on a forthcoming LP, tentatively titled �Songs for the Latest Revolution�


2 self titled, self released EPs -
1) Sleeping Giant 2005
2) Sleeping Giant 2007

Set List

Sleeping Giant typically plays two (2) one and a half hour sets with a fifteen minute intermission. The band plays mostly original sets, but can play covers, and have incorporated Bob Marley, the Grateful Dead, and others into their sets.