Sleeping Kings of Iona

Sleeping Kings of Iona


Electronic pop influenced by early hip-hop/electro, mid-90's dance records on Warp, DREAMPOP, Werner Herzog, Celtic things, video games, Toronto. Sounds like New Order, Bjork, Arthur Russell, Broken Social Scene, Mum. BEEP BEEP music, lots of clattering. Make you move, we hope, inside and out.


We are a 4-piece electronic avant-pop band from Buffalo, NY. We mix complex programming with live instrumentation, such as bass, drums, xylophone, melodica, random percussion and the occasional guitar. We released our first full length in 2005 entitled "We Found a Love In the Streets But It Was Not Ours" on local label/collective Harvest Sum.

Since the release of this record we have consistently played and gained rapid followings in New York, Philadelphia, and especially Toronto, where we have played such venues as The Drake Hotel, Sneaky Dee's, and the Boat. We have also taken part in the city's 2006 NXNE festivities and the Pitter Patter Music Festival of this past spring.

We have played with many great bands such as Mogwai, the Rapture, Prefuse 73, the Books, Dosh, Skeletons and the Kings of all Cities, Blondie, the Lymbyc System, Relay, Growing, Calla, Mono, the Bravery, and many more.

We are currently working on the follow-up to our 2005 release and have found ourselves taking on an eclectic, upbeat pop sound; still beautiful and still pushing things forward.


Faith EP - self released on Mesmer Music (2003)

Woods of Sharp Teeth LP - self released on Mesmer Music (2004)

Under a Mountain LP - b-sides and remixes, self released on Mesmer Music (2004)

We Found a Love In the Streets But It Was Not Ours LP - released on Harvest Sum and Mesmer Music (9/16/2005)