Sleeping Nations

Sleeping Nations


Punk / Post punk rock band. Influences include Fugazi, Mission of Burma, Shellac, Jawbox, Sonic Youth, MC5 and anything that makes us wish we wrote it first.


Sleeping Nations combines the guitar work of Nathaniel
and Russ Perkins with the rhythm dynamic of Jeremy 
and Tina Judy. The four met and began to play in the 
winter of 2004 and by the spring had recorded a 
demo and began playing out around Portland. 
In the summer of 2004 the four made their way back 
to Tina and Jeremy’s hometown of Chicago to play a 
show. By the summer of 2005 the band will be 
featured on The Failing records volume 2 compilation 
as well as The Olympian Shadow Farm 2005 
quarterly compilation.   
They also are beginning to branch out and play other 
cities around the Pacific Northwest such as Seattle 
and Eugene.


Sleeping Nations - 4 song self released EP, Summer 2004.
Failing Records, Vol. 2 - "God Hates My Love Handles" is our featured track. Spring 2005
Olympian Shadow Farm, Quarterly #4 - "Rockingham County" is our featured track. Summer 2005.

Set List

A Higher Form of Fighting
Ticks in Control
Collect Calls
God Hates My Love Handles
Rockingham County
1000 Pardons
Finest Worksong (cover, REM)
Motorist (cover, Jawbox)
Time Bomb / This is Boston, Not LA (cover, The Freeze)

Set time is around 30-35 minutes.