Sleepin Pillow
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Sleepin Pillow

Thessaloníki, Central Macedonia, Greece

Thessaloníki, Central Macedonia, Greece
Band Rock Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Best Music In The World – May Edition (M.A.P.)"

Sleepin Pillow – [listen] Silicone
Sleepin Pillow’s philosophy is based on bringing together experimental, psychedelic rock along with Greek and Eastern traditional music. They create eerie yet familiar soundscapes while achieving a distinctive sound of their own to form an enveloping whole, with each overlapping texture or shifting tempo plunging the listener further into the darkness. Their album Superman’s Blues is rewarding, thoughtful and challenging. It is an ambitious work of power, emotional depth and feeling, with vocals submerged under a claustrophobic blanket of guitars battling with drums. -

"Greek Gods of Psychedelic Rock – Sleepin Pillow"

When I think about Greek Gods, I imagine them observing their meager human followers from fluffy white clouds, throwing down the occasional thunder storm..

Handling angelic rebellions and wars…

Throwing wild parties and orgies…

All to a soundtrack of Psychedelic Rock!

That’s the way I would have done it if I was Zeus :)

‘Sleepin Pillow’ are a Greek alternative Rock band whose atmospheric sound would fit the part. And I am sure that Apollo, the God of Music, would approve.

They are certainly worth a listen, especially if you like instrumental music.

Their songs do include English lyrics – softly sung by Nomik in a Greek accent – but these merely add another kaleidoscopic layer to the sound. Think Tool meets Enigma.

The band has been quite successful in Greece, where their album “Apples on an Orange Tree” (Published by Shift Records) was included in the Top Five Greek Albums release in 2008, while the video for ‘Amplifier in my heart’ received significant airtime in local tv stations.

And their live shows sound pretty special…
“Supported by a light show and visual projection crew, Sleepin Pillow’s live performance is a unique experience as the 6 members appear on stage under a disguise that gives a flavour of drama to each concert.”

I would certainly go to see them if they came to the UK. I have asked their PR company to let me know of any planned shows in the UK or elsewhere in Europe and will update this post with their response.

In the meantime you can listen to some of their tracks here… - Dave Martinez


1. 2008 – Apples on an orange tree (Shift Records)
2. 2010 – Superman’s blues (Shift Records)

Songs receiving radio airplay

1. Superman’s blues: Masterpiece, Pathetic, An idiot's point of view

2. Apples on an orange tree: A thousand times to spell, Amplifier in my heart



Sleepin Pillow is a 6 member band formed in 2004 in Greece. The band’s music philosophy is based on bridging modern alternative rock with ethnic elements and english lyrics.

Their 2008 album “Apples on an orange tree” was released by Shift records, and is included in the Top Five of the best albums released in 2008 in Greece.

The band’s performances in Greece are receiving applauding reviews and their fan base is increasingly growing bigger, especially after their latest 2010 album "Superman's blues".

Their songs are resident on the play lists of the most famous radio stations in Greece while the band has been interviewed by some of the most widely read music magazines and newspapers all over the country.

In concert, Sleepin Pillow are supported by a light show and visual projection crew. Their live performance is a unique experience that stimulates all senses as their atmospheric sounds and eccentric appearance guarantee a show no audience can ever forget.

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