Sleepn Giantz

Sleepn Giantz

BandHip HopR&B

We bring a new sound & element to the genre of hiphop & R&B.. we have two rappers and 1 singer...we rap about life party and real situations.we can move a crowd with out a doubt..


as co founders Mr.G & W-Don both set their minds and goals to become artists in the hiphop game.although thru the struggle they ended up saving money and building their own studio.after meeting with Dalla Signz then they took it even with over hundreds of songs recorded they are ready for mainstream .the element they bring together is something like unorthodox instead of fitting in they now stand out.coming straight out of queens ny they've traveled to many cities and performed for many crowds.

Set List

Our set is 30min. we do about 5 to 7 songs .but we can always negotiate that we are open.....