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SLEEP PARADE are currently seeking licencing opportunities in Europe and Japan with a view to touring both terifitories late 2009


Updated JAN 2009

"With the release of 'Things Can Always Change' Sleep Parade have evolved into a heavyweight contender on the Australian prog-rock scene. A Flawless, world-class album".
Nick Snelling Beat

Melbourne three-piece Sleep Parade's debut album Things Can Always Change was released in April 2008 through Shock Records.

In 2009 the bands plans include spending the 1st half of the year touring Australia, as they continue to promote the 'Things Can Always Change' album, plans also inlcude a yet to be announced, 3rd single. As well, as writing the follow up album marked for a 2010 release, the end of 2009 will see Sleep Parade's 1st European Tour, more to be announced soon.

Sleep Parade spent most of 2008 on the road nation-wide with bands such as Porcupine Tree (UK), Cog, The Butterfly Effect, Mere Theory & Trial Kennedy.

Things Can Always Change has impressed fans and critics alike with its sonic beauty as well and complex arrangements,

* 10/10 Review -
* 8/10 Review - Blunt Magazine
* Album Of The Week - Beat Magazine

Sleep Parade cite Pink Floyd, Nine Inch Nails, Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, Oceansize, The Mars Volta and Opeth as influences.

Tracks like the first radio single 'Carry On' and the 2nd single 'Passengers' showcase Sleep Parade's ability to write an intelligent high-energy rock song, where as tracks such as 'Everyday' and the epic conclusion to the album, 'Weeping Walls' display the band's desire to work outside the 3 minute boundary.

You can check the clip to 'Passengers' at


"Things Can Always Change" - Album 2008
"You Are Here" - EP 2006

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Both Sleep Parades - Album and EP are available on itunes australia, you can buy the album off our website