Sleeps in Oysters
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Sleeps in Oysters

Band Alternative EDM


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"'We kept the memories...' Review 1"

"Wonderful, multilayered folktronica…This is a record you'll want to keep and play for a long time." 5/5 Experimental Tune of the month - 'Mixmag' Music Publication

"'We kept the memories...' Review 2"

"A beautiful, beautiful little thing" - Stuart Maconie, BBC 6 Radio

"'We kept the memories...' Review 3"

"A refined treasure chest of sunshine and birds in trees and glowing arcs of light and most of all glorious songs...So much musical treasure and so much delicate colour to be found here, a beautiful treat of an album, a wonderful album." Album of the week - Organ

"'We kept the memories...' Review 4"

"While Sleeps In Oysters inhabit a vaguely similar region to that of, say, Nurse With Wound and Current 93, their output is as accessible as that of Syd's Pink Floyd and the Another Green World-period Eno. Yet such comparisons don't do justice to the inherent originality of what might come to be regarded as a classic" - Rock 'n' Reel

"'We kept the memories...' Review 5"

"Imagine in your head the sounds that you would hear if Aphex Twin decided to make music to accompany an afternoon tea party for the Women's Institute...This is music for listening, reflecting and for enjoying with a cup of tea. Or whilst smoking a cigarette in post coital silence. Sad, dreamy and just plain old 'nice'." - Electronic Beats

"Live review 1"

'Sleeps in Oysters are at the point where music needs to get to: where laptop music thinks about it's place in the real world, where electronic music faces up to an audience, and where songwriting makes the most of what's available rather than the least it can get away with. If you were surprised to find the Radiohead of Kid A more interesting than The Bends, listen on.' - Dai Griffiths

"Live review 2"

'Imagine a pop song, then re-imagine it stretched, mangled, quirkified and stuck back together with all the imagination of the best electronica you have heard and buckets of childish charm. Oh and toy ukuleles and glockenspiels. Ok, now you are close to Sleeps in Oysters.' - Oxford Contemporary Music

"Live review 3"

'Recorded they have a sound infused with Broadcast, Fourtet, a less arrogant Regina Spektor, maybe even Pram, but yet only pieces and moments of all I've mentioned, but live I was genuinely surprised, all this carries across with loads more, dark brooding edges of atmosphere creeping in over soft vocals, tracks decend into dirty post-AFX noise grinding to a sudden stop.' - Dan Le Sac



'We kept the memories locked away in matchboxes like the beetles of our childhood, or How to appreciate someone who's always around'
LP, Released by Seed Records, London, Nov 08

'Katy did high clicks'
EP, Released by EED Records, New York, April 06

Featured on compilations:

'Seed Records Vol 2'
Released by Seed Records, London, June 08

'Summer gate. Sun made of gave'
Released by Luvsound, September 06

Radio Airplay:

Featured on BBC 6 Music with Stuart Maconie, Channel 4 Radio with Tom Ravenscroft, Resonance FM, BBC Radio Oxford, BBC Radio Berkshire and Diesel U-Music Radio.



SiO are Lisa Busby and John Harries, who migrated down the country together and are now based in London.

Here is our story:

"They that sleep in oysters are a rare strange breed indeed, long-limbed children striking sparks with old clothes on young frames, and when I think of them by the cold light of a first morning coffee it is with some regret. I have become something removed, visible in the right light but always, always out of the office…And they, by now somewhere in the far north of town in a glowing lamplit room upstairs, are making electrical crackles to keep warm, stitching moths wings, spinning printed wallpaper like before. We will never see their kind again. But I have you to make these cheques out to, you have me to tell you when you should keep your damned head down. We get by. I will say Let That Be Our Legacy, not some strung-out stale smoke fantasy but the real taste of butter on brown bread, sunshine and rain at a funeral, the restless feeling at the turn of the seasons, the bus ride home from work with good music playing loud, the smile more precious than all of life. I wrote a letter to the relevant authorities to tell them that time is on our side. We sleep in oysters. We get by."

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