Sleeps With Matches

Sleeps With Matches


Great vocals, ripping guitar lines, jiving bass breakdowns and heavy beats. We have influences of System of a Down, Tool, Incubus, Refused, Thursday, Stone Temple Pilots, Nirvana, Radiohead, Chili Peppers, and Queens of the Stone Age. We always have high energy shows and an energetic turnout.


Jason and Joel Haugen were the original members of what was first called "Sleeping With Matches" and had played together in a previous Regina band called Broken Black Box and came from Saskatchewan seeking to form a new band here in B.C. Shortly after calling Kamloops their home they met Rob Landers, a local artist and member of bands; Matadors Conquest, Revealer and Burning Story. Rob began as a drummer with the group but sooned moved over to rhythm guitar and vocals and the three of them instantly began writing amazing music and shortly after recorded an acoustic album known as "Wake Me Up". After playing an array of acoustic shows the trio grew tired of the acoustic sound and met the glorious and unbelievably sexy A.J Macknee, a drummer from the band Sick Affection, who rocked their socks off their sweaty feet! In the months following the new group came up with a stunning new sound never heard before. When they found a garage and converted it into the sweetest jamspot in Kamloops, the arrival of distortion and crash cymbals rockingly revolutionized their already tasty sound. With 14 original tunes with more to come, and covers of legendary bands; TOOL, Radiohead, System of a Down, Smashing Pumpkins and Incubus, this band is up for any challenge! In fall 2007, the group sadfully said goodbye to their bassist Joel Haugen as he moved back to Sasketchewan and didn't pay his cut. They soon meet another bassist by the name of Jake Daly and are currently embarking on a brand new sound. With A.J MacKnee now in Vancouver, the band hopes to play more shows down at the coast in an eventual hope to move down their completely. They have just completed an onslaught of shows in the Kamloops area and will continue to play shows throughout the province in the spring/summer of 2008. They have finished recording their second album self titled Sleeps With Matches with local producer/musician Kris Ruston of Bestest Records and will be available this coming winter. Previews of our album will be available on our myspace page in October 2007. Sleeps With Matches aimes to connect with people through great music and insightfull messages. "We gotta find a way to connect An honest message that we want to reflect But first we got to gain your respect Don't write us off as an artistic defect"


2006 - Wake Me Up (Accoustic Album)
2007 - Live @ Chili's (Live album)
2008 - Self Titled (Full Length)

Set List

Typical Set List:
My Cold Dead Hands
In Diagnosing Me
Insomnia Instead
Forgot Your Face
Wait Just a Minute
The Themes
Pyscic sweaty condensation

We usually play anywhere from 45 - 95 minute sets.
Our covers usually include songs like "Lonely Day" by System of a Down, "Love Hurts"by Incubus,"Burn the Witch" by Quwwns of the Stoneage and we usually get requests to play our version of "Sober" by Tool.