Sleepwalkers Union

Sleepwalkers Union



Sleepwalkers Union is a five piece original rock band from the Philadelphia area comprised of former members of Boxer Rebellion and Vacant Progress. Dedicated to a no-holds-barred attitude of music making. Sleepwalkers Union draws on the varied influences of punk, hardcore, reggae, hiphop, metal and jazz to produce a sound for both the fans of mainstream and underground alike. The unexpected breakdowns, chord progressions and time changes found in their unique songs can have SWU's listeners bobbing their heads to a grooved out melodic breakbeat one minute only to find themselves suddenly caught up in blistering metal laden guitar riffs. Well structured, the songs also leave room for spontaneity and surprise. SWU's diverse styles give something for everyone and coupled with their high energy live shows, leave audiences wanting more from a band not easily categorized by any specific genre.


We have 4 tracks available in our website and myspace sites. www.myspace/

Set List

We typically play 30 to 60 minutes sets of all original music