Sleepwalk Kid

Sleepwalk Kid


Sleepwalk Kid is a rock trio that mixes the raunchy assault of The Pixies and Smashing Pumpkins with the detailed songcraft of Wilco and Elliott Smith. Creating a sound for both thinkers and drinkers, Sleepwalk Kid is equally happy with a pounding punk-laced barrage or a subtle experimental groove.


Sleepwalk Kid is a power trio that places detailed songwriting and lyrical depth over a bed of tight, aggressive instrumentation. Culled from classic and prog rock influences, their hard-hitting sound can be the soundtrack to a keg party or enjoyed at home on a deeper level. Sleepwalk Kid’s first record Stubborn Keys was released in September 2008, followed by a year of studio work and concerts throughout the Northwest.

Members Tim Murphy, Nick Angelo, and Christian Pokorney have been playing and recording together as Sleepwalk Kid since mid-2006. Noted for their solid live performances, the band has shared the stage with great Northwest acts such as The Mint Chicks and Symmetry/Symmetry. They have been featured on KUFO's local radio show Viva La Luna and have held concerts at most Portland clubs. 2009 saw Sleepwalk Kid recording in three local studios and hitting the road in Oregon and Washington.

Sleepwalk Kid's 12-track debut Stubborn Keys is a lesson in efficient rockage. The bulk of the recording was done in the classic 60's rock style—three guys playing very loudly together in one expensive-looking room. Most tracks were picked from three or four takes and all band performances were recorded over three days in March 2008. The resulting sound is minimalist yet muscular, an apt avenue for Sleepwalk Kid's mix of cerebral and manic tunes.

As for the background, Murphy and Angelo have been producing original music since 1999. As teenage friends in suburban Portland, they would smuggle acoustic guitars to school and spend spare minutes between classes learning their favorite songs. When enough chords were learned, the duo began writing their own material. Eventually more musical comrades were enlisted and the sludge-rock group Chrysalis was formed in 2002. A live record was recorded and a handful of shows played, but teenage friends fell away as they tend to.

Angelo and Murphy continued to write together and self-produced the record Stargazer as the psych-rock duo Featherstone in 2003. While no band was formed to play the new songs, Murphy and Angelo played gigs as a duo. At this time they also joined with songwriter Mark Shifflett to form the roots-rock group RoughCuts, for which Angelo and Murphy produced the record "The Unseen Sound" in 2005.

New York transplant Christian Pokorney joined Murphy and Angelo in 2006 to form Sleepwalk Kid. Following a year of rehearsal and songwriting, the new band began performing in Portland clubs in 2007. With the 2008 release of their full-length debut Stubborn Keys under their belts, Sleepwalk Kid is currently playing concerts throughout the Northwest and recording new material.


Bridge Burner

Written By: Tim Murphy

So pleased to meet you I hope you can tell
I’m a bridge burner and I’m happy as all hell
It’s a decent way to live I suppose
There’s no turning around but I know I’m not followed

So why don’t you it’s not hard to do
You can be ashamed you can be proud too
Oh man it’s good for you

Everyone talks and everyone takes cover
Your best defense is to hide from every other
Selfish plastic loveless little child
Just cut the cord grit your teeth and smile

So why don’t you it’s not hard to do
You can be ashamed you can be proud too
Oh man it’s good for you

(and once again)

The Credit Due

Written By: Tim Murphy

It must be heavy under all that spite
It’s not so much under all of this sky
Our hearts are just as broken as yours and we’re fine

Quit talking to the tv screen
Those actors wouldn’t know what you mean
They’re just being paid to take direction

I’m not afraid to say it
I’m afraid you won’t listen at all
Just open the door at the end of the hall and
Maybe just maybe I’d call

Significance is hard to refuse
When you’re choosing what suits you
And spitting it out like you’re quoting truth

I’m not afraid to say it
I’m afraid you won’t get it at all
You blamed the earth when you dropped the ball
But maybe just maybe

I’d write a song for you
Just like you want me to
Filling a quota like you fill your shoes
So here’s a song for you
And the credit due
I’d love to shake your hand and say oh thank you

I’m not afraid to say it
I’m afraid you won’t listen at all
Just open the door at the end of the hall
And maybe just maybe I’d call

A Sunset View

Written By: Tim Murphy

A knock at the door and I’m on my feet
She’s been talking all night
I hit the road on empty you scatter me

I shuffle in and find a seat
Nearest the door but a window will do
And I dig for a dream but I can’t find a goddam thing
You scatter me

So when was it we last shook hands
Six days three weeks I don’t know
It matters so little now

Just bury me with a sunset view
I would do the same for you
If that’s all you’d ask of me
I’d even say a kind word or two
Some flattery
You scatter me

When you can’t help but feel
When it gets a bit too real
It’s not a bad thing
But if it’s too much to take
There’s always a quick escape

Somebody's Daughter

Written By: Tim Murphy

Somebody’s daughter won’t leave me alone
I’m running low on sleep and over on my phone
I don’t remember at all what I was trying to do
The plans I’ve made aren’t big enough for two

But I’ll make room
I’m ready for it

She’s got a sister who lives out of town
She’s got a mother and too many fathers to count
But who am I to say what’s real and what’s not
My tongue is on ice and my feet are on blocks

I can just assume
I’m ready for it

Somebody’s daughter
She’s somebody’s daughter
It’s so hard to remember
She’s somebody’s daughter


'Stubborn Keys'
Recorded March 2008. Released September 10, 2008.

'Sleepwalk Kid'
Demo. Recorded Live May 2007 and given away at shows in CDR form in late 2007 and early 2008.

Set List

Original sets can last over an hour. Sets that include covers can stretch to two hours. Jamming is also a distinct possibility if absolutely desperate. But we avoid it.