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Sleepwell Sweetheart

Kenosha, Wisconsin, United States

Kenosha, Wisconsin, United States
Rock Alternative


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"Review: Sleepwell Sweetheart - A New Hope EP"

Review: Sleepwell Sweetheart - A New Hope EP
Sleepwell Sweetheart is an alternative/indie rock group from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A rather young group, they're releasing an all-new EP due this summer of 2012 as a follow-up to their first EP See You In The Morning which was released in 2009.

The new EP called A New Hope is more heavier and straight forward sounding disc whereas the first one had more lighter and ambient moments. Still the band has stated that soul from their music is far from gone: "What we write is meant to be relative, inspiring, deep in thought and lessons from life, love, faith and hoping for something more"
A New Hope consists of 4 songs. 01. Hope Remains(intro), 02. The Suspect, 03. Time to Live (Bridges Down), and 04. Fall Arrestor.

The Suspect is a very energetic song still containing some glimpses of gloomy atmosphere. Stylistically it mixes genres as the vocal work reminds one of The Killers and Jimmy Eat World but with much more heavy, Killswitch Engageean instrumentation. The heavyness continues as Time To Live (Bridges Down) opens with bomb-like riff. At this point I must give them credit for their sound: Grouned guitar sounds mixed with modern slightly synthesized soundscapes, plus the great production value makes one tight package. Time To live is sounding more poppy wih the groovy chorus, reminding me of the more jolly tunes made by The 30 Seconds To Mars. Fall Arrestor has Linkin park written all over it when the song starts. This song also includes some of those nice metal drops. Simple and easy to listen to, but overall very enjoyable.

I don't usually listen to such heavy music like this, so I'm not the number one guy to do an objective review about it. However, this music still lands on my comfort zone leaving me quite satisfied. The songs are good, production is magnifcent and the band does all in all fantastic job. Minus points for too simple song structures and clinic soundscape to my taste. I'm not into emo rock and this band has many hints towards the direction. This EP is sounding so generic that it is leaving no stickyness for the indie label to be attached to. but I can't say that to be a bad thing because one shouldn't categorize music for it leaves no air for the band to evolve, which is definitely not the case with this group.

If you are into Emo/Modern Heavy pop music/Indie rock music, I think you should check this band out! they might get big any time in the future - at least they have what it takes to get more attention from the public.

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Still working on that hot first release.



Sleepwell Sweetheart is a Milwaukee based Rock/Pop band. Stemming from an acoustic project started by front man John Bobeng. In order to expand the potential of this music, a live band was added to the project. The full band formation in the spring of 2008, when brothers, Christian and Matt Seibert were added to the lineup, brought forth the potential, talent and dedication this band needed to get off the ground. They have recorded and released a 6 song EP titled ‘See You In the Morning’. While recording, they had the chance to work with Ben Kasica-guitarist for the band Skillet (Atlantic Records/INO) and Nick Radovanovic- drummer for the band Acceptance (Columbia Records/Militia Group) and guitarist for Hangnail (Tooth & Nail Records).

In addition, they have played a variety of shows in the midwest, and have built a very welcoming fan base in the time they have had thus far. Sleepwell also independently booked their first 2 tours to the southwest United States. Traveling from Wisconsin to California, playing at venues such as the Marque in Tulsa OK, The Deadhorse Saloon in Texas and The Viper Room in L.A. While home from the road, the band members are always working on new songs, new ideas, and searching for opportunities, in a difficult market, to share their dream and mission with all that can hear.

Musically, they can be compared to Angels and Airwaves or Jimmy Eat World. With many influences from many genres, Sleepwell is always expanding their sound, to catch the attention of many music lovers. The music they write is meant to be relative to everyday life, designed to inspire growth and success and something to sing along to while driving, at home with friends or alone on a rainy day. Sleepwell Sweetheart shares with listeners, lessons from life, love, faith and the hope for something more through the struggles life may bring. Their goal; is that the lyrics, melodies and lessons touch hearts, breathe hope and life into everyone that may come across Sleepwell Sweetheart.

“To all the sweethearts, sleepwell. When we leave here, you'll be in our hearts”