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Sleepy is a Houston artist with the swag and sound of his home, but that's about all. His image, his view on life and his subject matter helps you see Houston from the outside. If you've ever wanted to know what a rapper from the suburbs who has seen it all sounds like, listen closely to Sleepy.


Growing up on the Southwest side of Houston, Texas, I always wanted to be an entertainer. I've always wanted to get all of the attention. As I matured, so did my talents. I grew up around the corner from DJ Screw and was heavily influenced by his genre of rap. I credit my style to all rappers from Houston, I credit my flow to Jay-z, and I credit my content to myself. I aim to be as authenic as possible and show the world that being from the suburbs does not mean I haven't experinced enough to rap about, nor does it mean that I lack the talent to get others' attention.


Albums-The Prototype; The Prototype II
Singles-What That Do; 8 Shots both have received radio play

Set List

Showtime; 8 Shots; What That Do
15 minute sets