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Nakagami District, Okinawa, Japan | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Nakagami District, Okinawa, Japan | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Hip Hop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Runaway Train of Thought [Mixtape Spotlight]"

Alabama native Sleepy brings us "Runaway Train of Thought" under the CCMG imprint. Sleepy is very consistent with his sound and creates what he likes to call "mood music". We see a variety of moods including club jams, street and conscious styles portrayed. Sleepy is simply an artist who can cater to all and is sonically sound. -

""The Hybrid Chapter 2" Mixtape Review"

When fans asked for encore, Sleepy answered. The Alabama rapper is back with a continuation to his The Hybrid Chapter 1 and this time he is even louder, making his voice heard while expressing his true feelings about Hip-Hop music and everything this industry involves. Once again, Sleepy allows his fans to have a look at his deepest and realest emotions, taking them onto a journey that at times is bouncy and up-beat and then slows down, mirroring the rollercoaster that life can be.
In The Hybrid Chapter 2 fans find a few people they learned to appreciate in the previous album. First of all, it is once again mixed and mastered by Vaughn “Furious” Stewart of Furious Labs Productions. Master Wizard, formerly known as The Wizard featured in the song I Vow on The Hybrid Chapter 1, is back on a song titled Cypheric Acid.

Sleepy Keeps Pushing on Double-Down
Buckle up. After the success of the first album, Sleepy goes double-down! In this track, the rapper masters clever lyrics and clear beats that remind listeners of a marching band. Heavy drums in the background, the sound increases, and the words flow very easily until they merge in this hypnotic rhythm.

Check the Deuces in Don’t Get Mad
Virtually everybody has had one of those relationships Sleepy talks about in the song titled Don’t Get Mad. Boy meets girl, they fall in love, but then jealousy and trust issues ruin what could have been a happy and safe relationship. She comes back after realizing she can’t find a better man for herself but realizes that he got over the heartbreak and has moved on. Piano in the background to give the song that romantic touch, but the notes are sour, like the ending of the relationship.

Sleepy, Master Wizard and Awich Battle in Cypheric Acid
Some of the best Hip-Hop songs are collaborations between skilled and talented rappers. In Cypheric Acid, Sleepy brings back Master Wizard and introduces Awich. The three of them together create magic on that mic, battling each other at who is the best lyricist. They also shot a video of this song, available for fans to view on YouTube.

Sleepy Chooses Loyalty over Luxury
It seems that the days when Jermaine Dupri and Jay-Z sang Money Ain’t a Thang are over. In the 1998 song, Jigga and Dupri listed all the perks of having a substantial amount of money in their bank accounts. In the 2012 song, Sleepy chooses loyalty over luxury. Even if he admits that money changes your attitude, the rapper promises his fans and friends he will not allow the luxurious lifestyle to change his core values.

Sleepy Adds a New Masterpiece to the Hip-Hop Game
The Hybrid Chapter 2 is not only a continuation of the first album, but in many ways it completes and perfects even more what the previous chapter was and aimed at being. Sleepy brings his A-game to this album, reaffirming his well-deserved place in the Hip-Hop industry. - Brunella Irma Costagliola

""The Hybrid Chapter 1" mixtape review"

Brace yourself. Brandon “Sleepy” Houston is back with a brand new album titled The Hybrid Chapter 1, produced by Vaughn” Furious” Stewart with Furious Labs Productions. The first of a three-part series, this mixtape is an explosion of Hip Hop at its best. A mix of commercial and classic themes function as panorama to the rapper’s life, his struggles, his ups and downs, and his achievements.

With songs of the caliber of “Southern Comfort”, “I Vow”, “Yes, Indeed” and “Moment 4 Life”, the rapper takes his fans on a life-long journey, showing them not only what it means to grow up in poverty and neglect, but also how to power through by becoming a strong man with solid values.

Southern Comfort: Southern Flow by a Southern Bro’

Sleepy lets loose on this track which features King Freeze. The instrumental is taken from Yo Gotti’s “Gangster Party” whose repetitive rhythm along with the musicality of the two rappers’ voices makes it impossible for the listener not to nod along. It is a “this is me, so what?” type of song that brings back the rhyme structure used in the so-called Golden Age of Hip Hop metrics, the basic AAAA and ABAB, thus giving the song an old flavor that reminds listeners of the southern comfort.


Hip Hop Culture in America: Brandon "Sleepy" Houston's "2 Hot"
Interview with Alabama Rapper Brandon "Sleepy" Houston
Album Review: 'Meteora' by Linkin Park
I Vow: Sleepy is keeping it real

In a world like Hip Hop where nowadays it is hard to find a genuine song that carries the true message of rap music, the song “I Vow” comes as a breath of fresh air. Featuring The Wizard and D’Meitz, Sleepy tells the story of his life, with no censorship. The hard times of growing up in poverty and struggling to survive in the old South are shaken off the rapper’s shoulders as he vows to walk down the path of this music industry always remaining true to himself and his beliefs.

Yes, Indeed: Party time!

Staying true to the “tell it like it is” motto that Sleepy obeys to in his new album, Yes, Indeed is a fun and up-beat song where the rapper clearly uses self-irony to tell of these episodes that are not worth taking too seriously. While listening to the track, one cannot help but following the rhythm, smiling to the lyrics and being simply carried into this party-time mood.

Moment 4 Life: from Struggle to Success

This is the track that concludes The Hybrid Chapter 1. The dark and melancholy sound of the first few seconds makes the listener feel anxious and nervous for what is about to happen. As Sleepy starts rapping, the unstable feelings felt before are replaced by pain and suffer. The rapper pours his heart out in what seems to be a one-breath-long song. With this extremely personal look into his life, the listener feels much closer to the rapper. And just like Jay-Z made the song cry, Sleepy lets go of the past by letting the song take all the pain. As he frees himself of the burden of a lifetime filled with neglect and sorrow, the artist and the man finally breathe again and enjoy the moment, letting Nick Minaj take over and sing for them.

The Hybrid Chapter 1
In his new album, Sleepy takes his fans on a journey made of true and row feelings of what means to grow up in poverty and neglect but still be able to find the strength within to move on and make the best out of the worst situations. Not just a one-hit wonder, once again Sleepy proves that he is an extremely talented rapper and that he is not going to be forgotten in the music industry amnesia. With this album, Sleepy has left his fans begging for more.
- Brunella Irma Costagliola

"Hip Hop Culture in America: Brandon "Sleepy" Houston's 2 Hot single"

Brandon "Sleepy" Houston's fresh new single, "2 Hot," his potent blend of culture and personal style, features classic elements of a hip hop design.
Stylistic elements abound in Brandon “Sleepy” Houston’s debut single, “2 Hot.” In this new release, "Sleepy," who hales from Alabama, doles out lyrical, sometimes autobiographical observations by way of an original hip hop approach.

Stylistic elements and expressive vocal work are the highlights of Brandon “Sleepy” Houston’s debut release.
Stylistic elements are the foundation for most approaches to traditional hip hop music. In a similar way, "Sleepy" has laid down a solid base of lyrical assonance and autobiographical rap in his debut single, “2 Hot.”

“Too hot to roll wit’, too hot to flow wit’, too hot for you to try to stop it, you know this,” and “if you get too close, you might suffer heat stroke” are just a couple of examples of "Sleepy’s" rhythmical vocabulary -- powerful lyrics from a commanding artist who confidently raps, “I’m a juggernaut...”
Electronic vocal enhancements have been kept to a minimum in “2 Hot,” though a strangely familiar baseline groove adds to the compelling resonance of "Sleepy's" persuasive verse and typical hip hop time signature.

While “Sleepy” cites 2Pac, Eminem, Lil’ Wayne and T.I. as his inspirations, some listeners may hear a bit of De La Soul in his message.

"Sleepy's"s debut is neither a club anthem nor a novelty song; “2 Hot” is a direct appeal to hardcore hip hop enthusiasts and the reflection of larger social traditions.
"Sleepy," an innovative artist grounded in American hip hop culture and style, ultimately draws upon something collectively owned when he refers to Indianapolis 500 racing icon “Mario Andretti” and celebrated Florida rocker “Tom Petty” in the lyrics of “2 Hot.” To be exact, Houston’s words reflect the contemporary language of larger social traditions.

Expletive lyrics, generally viewed as a prohibited form of mass communication, are also present in the aural landscape of “2 Hot,” although their occurrence is not necessarily derogatory per se. Here, hard hitting language is intended to be part of the 4:03 listening experience.

Similar to the Beatles John Lennon, feted punk rocker Patti Smith, or one-of-a-kind Mothers of Invention founder Frank Zappa, “Sleepy” has incorporated invectives into his own musical creation as an artistic expression, which is often the case in hip hop.

Perhaps the excess contained within this poetically-licensed mindset is the last frontier in modern music.

“2 Hot” has been released as a download on an independent music label.
"Sleepy" released the “2 Hot” download on December 14, 2010, on the Cruise Control Music Group label. “2 Hot” was produced by Kajimir Royale, mixed and mastered by Furious Labs Productions.

“Sleepy's” “2 Hot” is a skillful rapper’s production of some high powered hip hop verse, both supporting and transcending the genre from which it comes, making this an especially unique debut effort.
- Paul Wolfe



Music, no matter what genre, be it Jazz, Alternative, Christian Rock, R&B, or Hip hop; is an extension of its creator. A firm belief of this is an Alabama native Brandon Sleepy Houston. Whose stage name stems from his work ethic, largely from having a tendency to go overboard and sacrifice a few hours if not a few nights of sleeping in order to catch up or stay ahead of the game. Since the age of 15, Sleepy has been writing thought provoking verses, based more on reality than fiction. Which explains in part why his music isnt created just for clubs or mainstream radio, since its more along the lines of mood music designed for your car and Mp3 player.

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