Nakagami District, Okinawa, JPN
BandHip Hop

Not just a one-hit wonder, Sleepy proves that he is an extremely talented rapper and that he is not going to be forgotten in the music industry amnesia.

Brunella Costagliola,, Yo!raps U.K.


Music, no matter what genre, be it Jazz, Alternative, Christian Rock, R&B, or Hip hop; is an extension of its creator. A firm belief of this is an Alabama native Brandon Sleepy Houston. Whose stage name stems from his work ethic, largely from having a tendency to go overboard and sacrifice a few hours if not a few nights of sleeping in order to catch up or stay ahead of the game. Since the age of 15, Sleepy has been writing thought provoking verses, based more on reality than fiction. Which explains in part why his music isnt created just for clubs or mainstream radio, since its more along the lines of mood music designed for your car and Mp3 player.


Set List

Set 1: Dozed Off, Yes Indeed, Kountry Ass, A-Game or 2 Hot . Total time: 10 mins

Set 2: Dozed Off, Kountry Ass, Such A Lady, A-Game, OK Let's Ride. Total time: 20 mins