Sleepy Age

Sleepy Age

 Christchurch, Canterbury, NZL

Sometimes we play post punk songs, sometimes we play disco songs but almost all of the time we play power pop songs. There are only three of us and we are cool with that. We like everyone to have a good time at our shows like a room of 7 year olds at a birthday party thick headed from all the sugar.


Sleepy Age is a 3 piece band from Christchurch New Zealand. Founded by Josh Burgess (ex Bang Bang Eche) who wrote music on his lap top to pass time in planes/vans/bedrooms. On returning to New Zealand Burgess transformed garage band demo’s into indie pop tunes with a full band, Sleepy Age was awoken.
Sleepy Age entered and won 2009’s RDU Round Up competition at the tender age of 5 weeks old.

Since this time Sleepy Age have been up and down New Zealand numerous times playing with great local and international bands including The Cribs (UK), Grant Hart (Husker Du) So So Modern, Street Chant as well as playing at Sounday 2010 and Chartfest 2010 along side with Die! Die! Die!, The Verlaine’s and The Handsome Family (US).

October 2010 saw Sleepy Age finally release an EP. Digitally for free on their band camp and also physically on 7inch Vinyl available on their EP release tour in the same month. The EP it’s self echo’s the bands musical influences that range from Die! Die! Die! to Randy Newman. Each song is different and I mean that. It might be a good thing it might be and awful thing. You tell me.

2011 will see Sleepy Age spend two months in Europe over the sumer (late May- July) to have a big party, meet some people and play a whole bunch of shows!



Cat Face (2009) Bnets
I Know Something (2009) Bnets
Kyle Blackman Carpenter (2010) Bnets


Self titled (2010) Self Released

7inch 2Track