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Sleepybird's music is a unique combination of acoustic instrumentation and modern technology. In addition to their regular stage appearances, they work side by side in constant collaboration with painters, sculptors, designers and costumers to help influence the sights and the sounds.


The band was formed in the winter of 2004 when singer-songwriter Nick Tertel started playing his homespun ditties on the local musicians' co-op circuit. Thinking that he could benefit from a larger sound, Nick recruited multi-instrumentalists Jason Dryden of Fermata and Jaime Legato, who played with Nick in his previous incarnation Giant Jerk. Sleepybird has been touring incessantly, finding fans all over the country. Meanwhile on the recording front, their debut CD No Flood received great reviews and featured paintings by Kemper. Their second CD All Things Are Mine was released in 2006 on Dermusik Records. The artwork was created especially for the album by Amy Kollar-Anderson.

Sleepybird is already at work on their third CD, The Sadness Will Last Forever, and will feature contributions from the expanded lineup which includes Dustin Malone, George Eninger, Shon Walters, Lisa Garr and Todd Herbert.


"No Flood" (2004)
"All Things Are Mine" (2006)
"The Sadness Will Last Forever" (2008)

Set List

Songs are all original:

Quite Fogotten
A Thing
Space and Time
Big Black
Butter Her Up
Places and Things
And Again
All Things Are Mine
Ghost In My Eyesight
Already Gone
Anything I Want
Brothers Know
Eager Dirt
Still Need
Held Tight
Tree and Bone
Tonight Looms
Signal Surpassed
Drunk Dialer
Protest Song
Dreams Of Sorrow
We Can Abide
World Gone Mad

Typical sets are 45 minutes to an hour long. A usually show consists of 2-3 sets.