sLeEPy bOy mOE

sLeEPy bOy mOE


sLeEPy bOy mOE. dirty, sludge folk. dark. raw. grimey. behind the night. a morphine dripped bedtime story in the piss and trash of the oakland streets. an airplane taking off above the early morning sky. sirens at 3am. thick trance. atoms of the sun. deep boom.


sLeEPy bOy mOE is an Oakland band playing music that has been called "dirty, sludge, folk." The group was started in 2006 by bassist/songwriter Shaun Wargowsky when he moved to Oakland from Akron/Kent, Ohio. Upon arrival in Oakland he recorded seven songs on his 4-track (THE SLEEPYBOYMOE TAPES) with the aim of putting a band together and booking gigs. The demos were complete by April 2006 and in May 2006 he began booking gigs with Richmond drummer Lindsay Cooper and a rotating group of other musicians that includes bass, guitar, piano, and trumpet. Their sound varies from venue to venue but is divergent from the rhythms of swamp, the basslines of Ghana, the sparsity of Tom Waits, the fuzz of Tricky, and the piercing of Dylan.
Since September they have played extensively in the Bay area (see show listing at bottom) and developed a loyal following in the East Bay-gaining airplay on Berkeley college radio station KALX, receiving a good review from East Bay alt weekly "The East Bay Express", and having their CD release covered by San Francisco Zine "The Deli Mag".
Since Sept. 06 sLeEPy bOy mOE has appeared at The Revolution Cafe (SF), The Edinburgh Castle (SF), MISSION CREEK MUSIC FESTIVAL (SF), Million Fishes Art Gallery, BAY TO BREAKERS (SF), The Red Vic (SF), G3 Lounge (SF), The Brainwash Cafe (SF), The Stork Club (Oakland), The Mama Buzz Cafe (Oakland), Epic Arts (Berkeley), and El Cortez (Reno)


Recorded hot on a possessed 4-track in 2006.
Recorded at Mad SCript Studios in Berkeley, CA. and Beachum Sound in Oakland, CA.
Reviewed by The East Bay Express and The Deli Mag.

Set List

We prefer to play sets of 8-12 songs.
all originals