Seattle, Washington, USA

Whether you are interested in alternative, indie, blues, or electronic music, SleepyPilot delivers a fine blend of these genres for an original sound you are sure to enjoy.


Ultimately developed as the brain-child of Sean VanDommelen, SleepyPilot has evolved from experimental songs, to full-length album and performing group.

Sean VanDommelen (guitar/vox/keyboards) has been actively playing music in the Pacific Northwest for roughly 19 years. His adventures in music began in 1991 by playing in his first band Deadly Effect, in which he was the lead guitarist. A few bands later under the same role, VanDommelen began experimenting with the electronic aspect of song creation. Ultimately, Sean figured out how to blend his love for rock & roll with his heavy influences from The Beastie Boys and various 80s electronic pop-rock artists.

In 2005 Sean joined ASCAP and became a writer/publishing member through his collaborations with the electronic group Beatseed. These collaborations inspired Sean to explore the world of music publishing and songwriting which resulted in the birth of SleepyPilot Music ASCAP. It was after these accomplishments that Sean began to focus on singing and songwriting. He has written a library of material, and entered The John Lennon Songwriting Contest in 2009 in the electronic category. Sean was awarded the Grand Prize during session one of the contest, and went on to win the coveted Lennon Award for session two. Sean was one of twelve finalists for the entire contest ending in 2010.

Also during this time, Sean was a member of a local group named VIII Days Clean, which went on to secure a heavy following in the area. Sean recorded with them on their second album in which a song and video was nominated for a Prizm Award in Hollywood, Ca. The video was one in which the musical material was co-written by VanDommelen.

The Birth of SleepyPilot

After leaving his previous band and being awarded the chance to do a full-length album from The John Lennon Songwriting Contest, Sean formed SleepyPilot. VanDommelen wrote, arranged, produced, recorded and engineered SleepyPilots debut album, but he needed a band to manifest his project.

Sean recruited Jason Bair for his creative vision of music and innovative drumming perspective, as well as his close friend Greg Magee for his bass stylings.

Greg Magee began playing electric bass in 1990, and quickly moved to the upright bass as well. Greg performed as a bass player in several groups in high school, and earned a scholarship to play upright bass with the University of Puget Sound Symphony Orchestra. Greg was introduced to Sean in late 1997, when Greg joined All Kinz as their bass player. In the year 2000 Greg went off to law school in Seattle, and became an attorney. After a break from the bass, Greg was deeply interested in reforming a new band with Sean Vandommelen. The opportunity came in the summer of 2011, when Greg was offered the bass chair in Sleepy Pilot.

 After numerous shows all across the northwest over the period of a few years, the extremely talented Paul Uhl of the Deborah Page Band joined forces with Sean. With Paul on guitar and keys it adds an element to the band’s live show by freeing Sean up to focus more on vocals. Aaron Ellsworth recently replaced Magee on the bass and the band is set to soar higher than ever before.

With this vision of Sleepypilot, the new members are bringing to life a project that was once just a thought. The album in which VanDommelen wrote is a mere starting point for the group and they are quickly expanding on the style of the album.


So Wrong

Written By: Sean Van Dommelen,Jason Bair,Paul Uhl

She said, don't leave me alone
I went, too far something's wrong
He said, don't be that way
Alright, you can call me today

We walk slowly into death
You got it oh, don't need it, no
You can come with me
We can be so wrong

Too late, for us to ignore
No way, we're dead on the floor
She saw me shakin' my head
You want it no, I dont need it, go
You can have your disease
We can be so wrong

You got me wrong, how could I know
My sense is gone, I can't be wrong
How could I know


SleepyPilot - Self Titled Full-Length- 2011

The Baggage EP - 2012

So Wrong (Single) - 2014

Set List

Girl is on my mind*
La La La