SleepyPisser ThunderHole

SleepyPisser ThunderHole


Stone n' Roll...Acid Thrash Pop with a Groove? Or Quite Plainly Five Ultra-Aware MOnkeys taking advantage of Mother Technology and Cultural Profitability!


As a full band, SleepyPisser ThunderHole delivers solid grooves and truly original loud rock and roll. The band has travelled all over the Eastern US and has quickly become a staple in the underground scene earning many reviews/mentions including the locally renowned Western Mass Valley Advocate nomination for best new band and best rock band. SleepyPisser ThunderHole has also won many battles including, most recently, the Global Battle of the Bands (GBOB) 2006 in Boston, Ma at Harper's Ferry, where they placed 2nd at the regional finals.
The band practices and is based around Holyoke MA but cosiders all of mass to be their stomping grounds, having played statewide and far beyond many times, gathering both a loyal fan base and an army of original acts and rockin' clubs to conquer the world with.
SleepyPisser is currently recording their first full length entitled 'Stranded in an Island Universe' at MadHouse Studios in Northampton Ma and while the original project is their main focus, the band is also available for hire as an acoustic cover rock group, led by guitar/vocalist Tonye Barrineau, and including from one to all of the other band members. The group can be found Playing the Best in what they Enjoy of Rock and Roll almost every night of the week throughout western Mass and northern CT/southern VT (for complete information go to set list & requirements pages).
Although the band prefers to keep the writing and recording to themselves, they are open to help in all other aspects of the music industry including promotions, gigs, distribution, airplay etc. and are actively seeking a kick ass label to get behind the us push this piss bucket over.
SleepyPisser ThunderHole GREATLY appreciates any and all help you extend our way....rok on
if you like the tunes drop us a line-don't be an asshole - sleepy


Slow Hubcap; The Great Race, Against The Man of Many Faces

Written By: tonyebarrineau/sleepypisser

this has been opened,someone's taken what was left.
gobbled it up and split.
i wonder where they stashed their napkins at?
i forget..everything that i meant.
do you wonder where your wallet went?
"we can have this race against my face"..said the tortoise to the hare..."but you better start running fast as you can!"
hey use caution and don't reduce your fears.
just a little puppy dog with long ears.
yeah fuk don't get stuck under that truck.
and believe me when i scream thats not a place anyone would want to sleep.
...are you alright? its holding you tight and it won't let you move what a sight!
it's controling your soul and it won't let you go,..i love this fight!
well don't cry little bear they're only stares... now it'll be alright.
when the beginning's the end,..and the end's the beginning again.

a ballad for the novelties

Written By: tonyebarrineau/sleepypisser

Oh,Rutherford! won't you drive your herds far away from mine.
see-no more boney,spiney fingers.tipped with little stingers,..waiting for me to high five.
broken and smiling.whimpering while trying.
and suddenly as if beyond me well i turned around and laughed out loud.
that walking man fell off the wagon and into the road still sitting down.
Now take these rubberbands and wrap them tightly round your wrists you'll see just what i mean when we float on steam.
oh my god,where are my guns.
watching filthy tv washed in gasoline.
showing and telling.whispering while yelling.
and terribly and im here to inform that your uniform is not clean-swine....
that's what they told me..
now you build it on up to say"that's the way it's supposed to be".
am i wrong to like the sounds watch it crumble to the ground.
fill your cup all the way to the top and wave.
everyone on the floor,if we're feelin like the whores.....................

learning to walk (head for-most)

Written By: tonyebarrineau/sleepypisser

Anouther pretty face again.
with a fucked up nose and broken chin- dribble'n.
the eyes gellin over,blinded from exposure.and your running with your hands in your pockets again...
content to run in circles,run until your dead.
content to run in circles,run until your dead.
content to run anywhere.
content to be all.
biting your tongue,bit it right thru.
looks like you've bitten off more then you can chew.
when you fell on,no,no
Walking backwards on your hands.
setting fire to your hair.
whats that-that they had said about the monkeys on the bed?too loud?
and then smashing your head on the ceiling again....well no one gives a shit...
hit your head hard,probably should'nt move.
busted open mouth i see your tongues cut in two.
broken off thumbs-ego's battered and bruised.
do you want me to whistle a siren for you?...

well now i use four legs to sit around,sit all day.
i use fours legs to sit around,sit all day.


TONGUEPUNCH (2006); 4 song original demo
track1.a ballad for the novelties
track2.learning to walk (head for-most)
track3.Slow Hubcap; The Great Race, Against the Man of Many Faces
track4.Purring Sighs

compilations: the spinnin season volume 1(2006)-features ballad for the novelties and learning to walk,.....V.I.A compilation(2006)-features slowhubcap;the great race.........akmg music group radio compilation cd(2006)-features ballad for the novelties

new record coming soon!stranded in an island universe.........

Songs, Lyrics, Photos & Contact Info on or

Set List

$$cover sets are normaly 3x45 minute sets containing majority cover songs/with the possible addition of up to 3 originals..this is negotiable.

original 9 song set- 9 song original rotation 1-2 covers filling a span of 40/45 minutes. all songs can be played in a heavy electric funky frenzy or to a downsized acoustic cypher.

Songs (original):
quit pushing buttons
A Preist and a Rabbi walked into my bar...
little pink skulls
A Ballad for the Novelties
Purring Sighs
Slow Hubcap;The Great Race, Against the Man of Many Faces
Riding High
Overimposing glances
I Can Read With My Eyes Closed
learning to walk(head for-most)
Bucket of Frogs (little bit wrong)

Songs (cover):
Road to Nowhere-Talking Heads
psycho killer-Talking heads
I'm Only Sleeping-The Beatles
nobody told me-john lennon
Sweet Leaf-Black Sabbath
Not To Touch The Earth-The Doors
5 to 1-the doors
where is my mind-pixies
just what i needed-the cars
elderly woman...-pearl jam
santa monica-ev