Sleepy Turtles

Sleepy Turtles


Sleepy Turtles began when band-member, Dylan Higgins, finished his first fiction novel, "Awakening: Book One Of The Emblem And The Lantern". Higgins wanted to incorporate a soundtrack to correlate with the novel, so he called his friends. The band now creates music for the books, and separate albums


Sleepy Turtles was started in order to create a soundtrack for band-member Dylan Higgins' first book, "Awakening: Book One Of The Emblem And The Lantern." The soundtrack, The Adventure EP, was a raw folk-driven album that correlated with themes from the novel. Songs such as, The Adventure Song, are directly from the text of the book.
After completing the first EP, Sleepy Turtles decided to continue writing and playing music. The band now creates albums for the novels as well as separate albums.
The sound of Sleepy Turtles continues to grow. Consistant elements are: multi-layered harmonies, and personal heart-felt lyrics. The songs are written by and arranged by all five members; and the tastes and influences of the band are broad. Yet, there are some recognizable influences in: Seals & Crofts, Beach Boys, Crosby Stillys Nash & Young, and perhaps even the Beatles. The sound produced can be catagorized as indie-folk; but Sleepy Turtles passionately pursues a unique and personal sound.
All that being said, Sleepy Turtles are lovers of music. Melody, multi-layered harmony, creativity, and expression.


The Adventure EP (2010)
Brother, You're So Kind EP (2011)
Summer, Hither EP (2012)