Sleeveless Gentry

Sleeveless Gentry


Sleeveless Gentry’s music is a unique blend of modern folk, alternative rock rhythms, and baroque-like arrangements.


• Sleeveless Gentry began in 2002 as a solo act by Chad Konchak (guitar/vocals), a music-minded Computer Science student at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Penn. Chad was eager to share his first eight songs he wrote during this time and formed an acoustic band called Lazy Afternoon, featuring two guitarists, a violin, and cello.

• In the summer of 2004 Chad relocated to Washington, D.C. bringing his music and a desire to expand his acoustic songs into a more robust and textured sound. His first effort formalized by reconnecting with high school classmate Jarrett Perlow (keyboard), and together they began expanding on the original eight songs creating a following through performances at local venues.

• After a year performing together in D.C, they found the sound still lacking and sought to include additional instruments. The addition of violinist/drummer Suvo Sur enhanced the original modern folk feel of the songs but due to obligations with his other band, Brave, Suvo left the group in the winter of 2005. Not wanting to abandon the enhanced sound, Chad asked his friend Brandon Bowen (drums) to join the band. Over the next year, the trio, now called Year of the Dog, performed monthly while continuing to develop their music, which had taken on a delicate blend of modern folk and alternative rock.

• In the summer of 2006, Year of the Dog added an upright/electric bassist, local George Mason University music student Tom Clune, but again due to scheduling conflicts Tom was replaced by his classmate Ted Foster (bass), whose complex bass lines added an eclectic dynamic to the band’s sound. In recognition of finalizing (for now) the band’s membership and sound, the band renamed itself Sleeveless Gentry, reflecting the band’s mixture of classical rock and folk melodies with modern alternative rock rhythms and arrangements. When not performing, Sleeveless Gentry continues to write new music, while considering new members to expand on their already textured sound.


Dirty Windows

Written By: Chad Konchak

V1 -
Looking around my room I am all legs
Counting up my uses
I'll crawl up off the ground when I'm ready
You can't make me take my turn
When the feeling's this lousy I wont stay
No, I will run run run, run away

V2 -
Sitting around with friends I am restless
Without thoughts of stress
We"ll climb up off this couch when we're ready.
Who needs crowded streets when we're
Falling down from laughter and cheap drinks
In our modest estate
The empty promises to you make me lonely
My thoughts on dirty sheets

Pre-Chours -
Cause I dont mind
If the walls around my thoughts crash down
And I don't borrow
Any superficial friends of mine
That's not the right way
Im holding back these mellow sins
Searching for 7 wonders
Through a dirty window
But no-one knows
What I see through my window
Bc then there will come tomorrow
It will be to late for me to change

Chorus -
I will take it down tomorrow
If it's wrong then tell me what is right bc I will fight
It's just a funny feeling I get
Bc then I will close my mind and we'll find the time

V 3 -
Looking into my past I can see me
Im just as lost as I am now
He stares and asks me why I am busy
Complaining about the same old thing
Just go and find yourself and forgive me
Go now move on you cant change me
These empty promises to me make me lonely
My thoughts on Dirty Sheets



Our demo can be heard here:

Dirty Windows

Set List

Dirty Windows - Original
Summer - Original
Misty Mountain Hop - Led Zeppelin
Down - Original
Faux - Original

Are You Scared? - Original
Delivered - Original
Feel Like Makin' Love - Bad Company
Apathy - Original
I Stay Away - Alice and Chains
Paradise - Original