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"Sleight of Mind -- Review"

I was thinking on my way to this assignment that I am probably the last person who should be reviewing a show about ESP. My nature is skeptical at best and I tend to be put off by anything moderately "new age".

I was pleasantly surprised by this entertaining and thought provoking program presented by Geist and Laura called Sleight of Mind. You won't find the flashes, pops, and bangs of a magic show here, but you will find some amazing, mind bending stunts that seem unexplainable, unless they really read minds.

Refreshingly though, this show takes a unique approach in challenging the sources of what people commonly identify as ESP. Rather than drone on about seances and spirits, the duo explore the possibilities of body language, micro expressions, gambling tells, and plain old good luck as explanations for the mind blowing demonstrations they offer.

Laura, a slender redhead in her twenties, plucks songs from people's minds, identifies objects held by her partner in the audience, while she herself is blindfolded, and recreates sealed drawings created by members of the audience.

Geist, a gregarious gentleman in his fifties, risks a hundred dollars to "luck", demonstrates memory skills that belie the possibility of "senior moments", and reads his volunteers like books.

Both Geist and Laura claim that their performances use only the innate abilities of the human mind. Honed through years of practice.

If you are looking for the trick a minute pace of some of today's magic shows, you won't find that here. The pace of this show is much more leisurely. I won't say that I've changed my mind about psychics or ESP, but this show has definitely got me smiling and thinking. It's worth going, even for a skeptic like me. ****
- Heritage Villager


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Have you ever had a song just keep running through your mind? Yes? Then think how it would feel to have a song plucked from your mind and sung by someone you didn't even know.

You may have met people who can finish each other sentences, but have you ever met any who share each others thoughts and vision? Geist and Laura demonstrate what has been called "second sight" as Laura, blindfolded, 50 feet away, describes items given to Geist from the audience.

Have you ever heard the saying, "It's written all over his face." or "She wears her heart on her sleeve."? Watch read these signs to reveal the thoughts and emotions of members from the audience.

Geist has been a performing artist, mentalist, hypnotist and actor, for over 40 years. He has appeared throughout the United States and in Europe, bringing his special insights on the potential of the human mind. Having developed an early interest in hypnosis and all things “magical”, he began to explore and to separate for himself the illusions and realities of the human mind’s potential. By the age of 15, he was presenting demonstrations of unusual phenomena while continuing to explore the bounds of what we call ESP and the supernatural. It has been his continuing desire to clarify the boundaries between true manifestations of the human mind and simple superstitions.

Laura, a gifted vocalist and stage performer, has always felt that she possessed special insight or intuition. Having experienced many “psychic” episodes in her life, she had been curious as to their origins and meanings. In the summer of 2008, she met Geist and the two of them began a mutual exploration of the mind’s potential.

Over the last several years, they have trained together to maximize their communication abilities and improve their mutual link. They have also worked individually on tuning their unusual mental abilities. Asked whether they are psychic, they reply, “You need to decide that for yourself.”