Slender Means

Slender Means


We pull from a lot of influences. A few bands i would compare us to are, The Smiths, The Replacements, Supergrass and a liitle Led Zepplin. We like to write short, to the point catchy pop songs.


Slender Means became a band after Dave, Sonny and Pauls band, Bugs in Amber and Josh's band Light Heavyweight broke up in 2003. The timing was perfect. Sonny and Josh had played together in a previous band called Fields of Mars so it was a very natural transition. We started writing and playing shows almost right away. We recorded and self released a little 5 song ep. Wrote more songs. Released Lp 1(Neon & Ruin) in August 2005. The album did well on radio and amoungst the local marked and was generally received well nationally. We toured and wrote some more. Then we released Lp 2 (Adrift in the Cosmos) in November of 2009. Next year we plan on touring and playing the fesival circuit. As far as what we sound like, it's very much a combination of all of our different influences. We usuallr pull from older bands of the 60's, 70's and 80's. Bands like The Kinks, The Stones and The Replacements.


2004 Ep. Self Released
2005 Lp. Neon & Ruin (Mt fuji)
2007 Ep. Rock N Roll Machine. (Esoterik)
2009 Lp. Adrift in the Cosmos. (Painless Life Music)

Set List

These Magic Wonderfull Times.
Hidden Grove
Pitch a Fit
I Could be Cruel
Telepathic Love Sick Heart
A Piece at a Time
Injury Lane
All in All.

Covers: The Kinks: Dead End Street.
The Replacements: Can't Hardly Wait.
Neil Young: Walk On.