"[Slewfoot]’s unique sound is complimented by their clear understanding of the music industry and their own personal goals and objectives. Out of the thousands of artists who submitted...this artist received one of the highest review scores we have ever given." - Independent Artist Registry, Dec '05


Slewfoot has been a staple of the flourishing San Diego hard rock / metal scene for over five years. The band exudes the musical passion that brings in crowds and keeps them captivated, while they also exemplify the professionalism that impresses promoters and those with whom they share the stage. Music is not a pastime for any member of this band; rather, it is the lifeblood in the bond of four brothers that coalesce as one living, breathing symphonic entity that is Slewfoot.

Four different singers have graced Slewfoot, each bringing their own unique vocal styling and each redefining the band’s sound. Where weaker bands would have failed in the face of such adversities, Slewfoot continues to press on and has become stronger than ever. The three founding members of the band have overcome an abundance of hardships and have pushed themselves through to the forefront of the scene. Jason Rice presents a flurry of driving guitar riffs and melodic arpeggios to create a soundscape like no other. Chris Pollock pounds drumheads with commanding fury and abuses cymbals all in meticulous tempo. Aaron Spaulding methodically slaps and thrashes bass stings while soaring about the stage. Jay Edwards growls out rebelliously spoken verses one moment and purrs a dreamy chorus the next. He sings of love and hate, betrayal and redemption, blissfulness and emptiness.

Slewfoot’s recent admission into the prestigious Independent Artist Registry (the top talent scouting service for the nation’s best record labels) is perhaps their greatest achievement to date. Among their other accomplishments are gaining airplay on local radio stations Rock 105.3, 94.9 and 91X, as well as holding a top ten spot on KCR college radio. Their songs have appeared alongside Shadows Fall, Arch Enemy, Zakk Wylde’s Black Label Society and Soil Work on compilation discs. They have also proudly played with the following national acts & well-known local bands: Adema, Powerman 5000, onesidezero, L.A. Guns, The Dreaming, Floater, The Accident Experiment, Fireball Ministry, I.R.A.T.E., 3against1, 33Degree, Media Lab, and The Abuse. Most recently, Slewfoot became only the third band to officially receive sponsorship from Evilbracelets.

This band has the potential and the commitment to succeed not only in San Diego, but nationwide and abroad. Their esoteric blend of hard rock and melodic metal does not merely descend into the mainstream, but rather it rises to the top of a convoluted sea of “sound-the-same” bands. With the recent addition of the most talented and diverse singer yet, Slewfoot is poised to seize hold of the heavy music scene and have their presence felt by all.


March 2004 - "Mosquito" EP
- Title track "Mosquito" played on FM 94.9
- Track four "Dark Gray" played on 91X

October 2004 - New Demo
- "Pillow Talk" chosen as "Track of the Day" January 19, 2005 by
- "Dysfunction" played on Rock 105.3's "Another State of Mind"
- "Pillow Talk" licensed for "FuelMe Vol. 1" compilation by

July 2005 - New Demo
- "Innocent" licensed for "Groupies Suck Vol. 4 - Ozzfest Edition" compilation by No Cover magazine
- "Innocent" chosen as "Track of the Day" September 5, 2005 by
- "Innocent" awarded "Best Guitars", "Best Bass", "Best Drums", "Best Production", "Best Beat", "Best Mood", "Most Original", and "Rocking Track" for week of August 29, 2005 by
- "Innocent" featured on Rock 105.3

Set List


Bad Day
Pillow Talk
Faceless Lovers
Left Behind
Center of the World
Shut Me Out
Burning Bridges


Rage Against the Machine - "Killing in the Name"
Duran Duran - "Come Undone"