Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

S.L.F.M stands for a secret infatuation. In elegant disguise, a simple girl creates uke thrash (punk rock ukulele) sweetened with 1920’s style vocals. Charming, yet surprising, hearts will melt as a familiarity in a fresh form creates sweet satisfaction.


A love hidden behind the secret club acronym S.L.F.M, inspires this delightful music project. Though formed by a simple girl with a ukulele, S.L.F.M brings a style that catches unsuspecting victims with distortion, speed and sweet seduction. Musically inspired by Tune-Yards, Tolchock Trio, Nobunny and all those crazy punk kids.

Guess the secret to join the club, with cleverness we shall all become fools.

Also: S.L.F.M has had the delight to play with YellowFever, Sonic Youth, Cosmonauts, David Dondero, The Kris Special and many more. See you soon!


(For free download on posthumousrecords.org, also found at Slowtrain Records):
Self-Titled 'demo' (2009)
Sailors Life for Me (2009)
Infatuation Satisfaction / Affaire demo combo (2010)