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Salt Lake City, Utah, United States | SELF

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States | SELF
Band Comedy Punk


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Local Cd Reviews"

S.L.F.M. (Sailor’s Life For Me)
Street: 08.01
S.L.F.M.= Tune-yards + Regina Spektor
If a hummingbird princess was tangled in ukulele strings, she would sound like S.L.F.M. Despite the potential for cute homogeneity, S.L.F.M. blends inevitable quiet love songs with distorted (but always melodic) rock sounds. The tracks are unprocessed and recorded live. Let’s talk about moustaches: No album has ever pushed as much moustache propaganda as this. Imagine an upbeat CocoRosie without the baggage of vice. At times the music sounds hurried and is difficult to follow unless all focus is given to the track. “Optimistic Optical Illusions” and “Always Cry Wolf” climax in ear candy falsetto refrains and demand full attention to be enjoyed. (Kilby Court: 12.07) –Bradley Ferreira - SLUG Magazine

"S.L.F.M. – providing you with your daily dose of Ukulele"

So if you’re like me you probably think to yourself there just really isn’t enough electric ukulele music these days nor are there ample opportunities for adding mustaches to video clips. Luckily S.L.F.M. decided to do something about these things, if you haven’t seen or heard yet descriptions are a bit tough but the obligatory myspace page sums it up with “A girl, a ukulele, and a moustache.” Definitely interesting, so much so S.L.F.M. recently earned the lone opening spot for Sonic Youth when they played In the Venue. - Capt Nine Toe


Of all the great cd's I got handed or traded for on the road, none were better than the three song demo from Salt Lake City's S.L.F.M.. Though hours of completely stopped traffic resulted in us not actually seeing this band, I'm convinced they/she are/is the best thing since sliced bread, or my favorite donut, the bismark. Going under the pretty accurate and charming description of "uke thrash," I feel this is the kind of thing that can appeal to just about anybody and their summer tour will hopefully prove that. - Letters with mixtapes

"Localized : S.L.F.M"

SLUG’s very own Jessica Davis will celebrate her twenty-first birthday at this month’s Localized with The Broken Spells and her solo project, S.L.F.M. Local favorites Tolchock Trio will kick off the event on September 17 for just $5 at Urban Lounge.

Jessica Davis – Ukulele, Vocals

With a moustache that is thicker and bigger than mine, solo artist Jessica Davis of S.L.F.M. tells me, “Moustaches are just an idea that I enjoy. [The appeal] basically comes from villains, cowboys, sexy men on [the covers of] ridiculous novels, spies and disguises.” I have a strong suspicion that Davis’ ‘stache doesn’t grow naturally—seeing as how she is a charming young woman with a knack for writing love songs. Acquired facial hair notwithstanding, S.L.F.M. is a burgeoning local artist whom you may have seen busking around Salt Lake with her distorted ukulele.

S.L.F.M. began almost two years ago. Davis says, “I bought a ukulele, I had keyboards and I started playing as S.L.F.M. … And then the keyboards faded out because I’m lazy and don’t like to carry all that shit around.” She desired to create a sound that she considers to be new and different: She uses a distortion pedal that her dad gave her from when he played guitar. Not only does she add effects to the already uncommon ukulele, but she plays it differently than most ukulele artists do—“I just play it fast,” says Davis. Though her speedy technique has led to others’ delineations of her work as ‘uke-thrash’ and ‘uku-wailing,’ S.L.F.M.’s dulcet singing flows above and dips into the polyphonic ridge-rhythms of her instrument.

At the same time, Davis cannot help but indulge in a tad of cacophony. Davis says, “With some of the newer [songs], I push myself to yell or scream sometimes, and a lot of times, people just don’t expect that and it’s cool to see their faces—‘What is that noise coming from that girl?’” S.L.F.M. has played Velour, Farmer’s Market and in and around The Green Ant, to mention a couple spots. She can virtually play anywhere with power outlets because her amp has a P.A. system in it. She says, “I can just plug in my amp and my vocals and I don’t need anybody. Street shows have been good.”

Davis draws her influences from big names like Tune-Yards, NOBUNNY and CocoRosie, and local acts such as The Broken Spells, Tambourine Death Squad and Tolchock Trio. But part of S.L.F.M.’s allure is Davis’ willful submergence into random worlds and skewed conventions in love. Her song, “Adventure, We Go” is a song about adventuring in an effort to counter the norms of society. She says, “I’ll be the one that saves the knight from the evil damsel in distress. It’s what’s expected in loves stories: The man is there to save the woman, but did you ever think that the man has been trapped by this woman?” Davis’ poetic investigation of adventure has led her to yearn for it. Thus, SLUG Localized will only be a stop in a tour S.L.F.M. will do with Boots to the Moon—who also has a moustache. They’ll head in from Colorado, go up in the Northwest, down through California, and end up someplace in between California and Utah—“I’m not quite sure where yet… [But] I need to adventure.” says Davis, “Now!”

Oh, and I’m sure you’re wondering what S.L.F.M. stands for. I’m not going to tell you. Davis won’t either: “I can’t tell you what the name is because it’s a secret … You have to guess it to be in the club because, technically, it’s a club as well as a musical project. You get a club card.” So put on your thinking caps because you only have a few more days to get into the club before S.L.F.M. adventures away after Localized. - SLUG Magazine


(For free download on posthumousrecords.org, also found at Slowtrain Records):
Self-Titled 'demo' (2009)
Sailors Life for Me (2009)
Infatuation Satisfaction / Affaire demo combo (2010)



A love hidden behind the secret club acronym S.L.F.M, inspires this delightful music project. Though formed by a simple girl with a ukulele, S.L.F.M brings a style that catches unsuspecting victims with distortion, speed and sweet seduction. Musically inspired by Tune-Yards, Tolchock Trio, Nobunny and all those crazy punk kids.

Guess the secret to join the club, with cleverness we shall all become fools.

Also: S.L.F.M has had the delight to play with YellowFever, Sonic Youth, Cosmonauts, David Dondero, The Kris Special and many more. See you soon!