Slick Guruzee

Slick Guruzee

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2018 | SELF

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2018
Solo Hip Hop




"POPGH (People of Pittsburgh Going Hard) - Slick Guruzee"

Slick Guruzee’s newest single off of the upcoming mixtape, “Who Is Slick Guruzee Part 1”. - Jay Connor


Slick Guruzee - Reverse (2019)

Slick Guruzee - Superstitious (2019)

Slick Guruzee - 250,000 (2018)

Slick Guruzee Ft. Drosa - Antwon Rose (2019)

Slick Guruzee - Glockaroni (2018)

All music found on this page have been recorded and mixed by Darius Owens,



Slick Guruzee, formally Lil Slick (Derrick Clark), was born in November of 1997, and raised on the east side of Pittsburgh. As a kid, Slick had a bold, and funny personality. His family describes him as outgoing, and talented in ways that could have depicted his entertainer dreams at an early age. Since the age of 8, Slick knew that he wanted to be a rapper. He started writing his own raps down over industry instrumentals, and recorded them on a laptop in his room from his laptop and guitar hero microphone. He even made YouTube videos, and promoted them to friends and family, representing his early crew S4L (Swag 4 life). As Slick grew older, his hunger and passion for being a rapper grew tremendously. He dedicated his self to his craft, and spent countless hours making music, even going straight to school from all night studio sessions, several times. By the young age of 15, he was a known in the city for making music with his new group, M.O.E (Money Over Everything), started by one of his closest associate and fellow musician Stump Thompson. In January of 2014, He dropped his first big song and video with Stump Thompson. Along with making music, the M.O.E music group was heavily influenced by the rough streets of Pittsburgh. Drugs, money and death have plagued the lives of many of Slicks Guruzee's friends and it didn't take him long to realize that there were necessary changes he needed to make in his lifestyle. In many different instances, Slick Guruzee has believed music to be the main thing that has saved his life. By 2015, Slick had a different view of who he wanted to be musically and physically. He changed his name from Lil Slick, to Slick Guruzee, and started the Guruzee brand. Guruzee comes from the Sanskrit word Guru, meaning "a teacher and leader, especially intellectual guide in matters of fundamental concern". Slick is a natural born leader who've always had his own mind, and led by example for others. People naturally flocked to him, and loved to be around him. Slick Guruzee continues to strive towards a vision that most people wouldn't believe in. Along with his growing music career, Slick noticed the importance of branding himself which eventually led to him developing the clothing line Guruzee. Slick understands the importance of hard work and truly believes that his work ethic will soon make all of his dreams a reality.

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