Slick Cupid

Slick Cupid

 Southport, England, GBR

We are a pop/punk band from Southport UK, With a high energy and positive attitude towards our music and the music industry. We always have a great repertoire with our fellow industry colleagues, we love our music and that comes across in our style and our fan base and we never give up on anything!


Slick Cupid Itself was established in 2010 by 4 friends Ian,Danny,Jonny and lee. Danny,Ian,and Ionny had been in a previous band for 6 years in which we developed a bond that showed in our music. When that band disbanded the three lads who's influences ranged from old school punk to metal, to pop, decided to create a new band called Slick Cupid. We needed a bassist and asked lee if he was up to the challenge, he came to one session and he liked what he heard and since then we have been gigging around the county and are setting off for our European tour next year. what sets us apart from other bands and musicians is the show that we put on. To us a gig is not just 45 minutes to play and go home but a night out for us and our fans.


So far slick cupid have released two E.P'S the first was a five track E.P called Afraid and the latest which was released on November 18th 2011 is also a five track E.P called A-Hole Party.

We have had regular plays and interviews on the radio station Dune 107.9 FM and also on many pod casts.
Also through our youtube channel we have had thousands of accolades from around the world.

Set List

45 minutes to 90 minutes