Hear Pixies, Police, Cream. Now hear of Slickdicks. We are positively negative and musically discharged positively. We will teach you. Oh, we are not the rock of ages, we are the rock of stages.


following in the guitar-energy tradition of rock trios such as cream and the police, slickdicks adds further musical and lyrical flavor from sources that have become vital American influences; from lead belly to led zeppelin and credence clearwater revival; from early bowie to the pixies and the talking heads. with overall overtones of rock/blues over everything and subtleties like country jangles, harmonic experimentation and general freak-outs, the band seeks to cultivate their own Americana and to dispense it with smart accuracy into your ear canal where it will be processed by the brain and transformed into soul nutrition.

slickdicks is the creative beast of burden partnered in 2004 by guitarist joseph claypond and bassist frank sumatra. the two were college pals in Santa Cruz, California before moving to new york one year after the other. after, literally, years of looking for a drummer, they finally met --and fell in love with-- a familiar kind of weirdo from Rochester, new york named bish basherson. the group is now based in Brooklyn, new york and performs regularly in local venues and in venues around the tri-state area. their first studio recording, an ep titled Arsenicum album, was released in January 2007.

the band's repertoire reflects the combined individuality of each of it's members and is a compiled sketch of free verse, personal jokes, people and memories. their music is a celebration of life's idiosyncrasies, both serious and satirical. being a three-piece outfit gives the group an open sound scape for their tales of fictional pro/antagonists, fantastic mis/adventures and modern day proverbs, each song further individualized by vocal trade-offs between sumatra and claypond.


EP, Arsenicum Album was release in January 2007.

Set List

the slickdicks play many songs. we get on stage and play these songs for you; whoever you may be. and sometimes we talk to you.