Slick Fifty Seven

Slick Fifty Seven


Country punk freedom rock road warriors from E. Dallas, TX. On a mission.


Howdy howdy. We are Slick 57. We're all 26 yrs. old. We've played more than 1000 shows all over the world (USA, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand) since forming in 1998. We're in the process of recording our 5th album with Stuart Sikes (Modest Mouse, White Stripes, RFTC). We've seen it all. We like to drink and play music with our friends and we're really good at both. We've been compared to (and shared stages with) Waylon Jennings, Wilco, The Pixies, Slobberbone, Social Distortion and Steve Earle.


Lo Fi Lorainne & Her Bag Of Tricks (1998 - DeuceHi)
Drunk Life (1999 - DeuceHi)
The Britney Sessions EP (2001 - DeuceHi)
Ghost of Bonnie Parker (2002 - Laughing Outlaw)
When Drunks Were Fetch (A collection of early recordings and bonus tracks) (2005 - Laughing Outlaw)

Set List

50 minutes is the preferred set time. We sometimes cover a Pixies song or a Creedence song.