Slick Fitty

Slick Fitty


Chuck Berry, Dwight Yoakam and Brian Setzer smoking crack on the beach.


Well, we've been playing with this line up since late 2003. We spent the better part of 2003-2006 touring Europe; namely Germany but including the Netherlands, Austria and Sweden. While having record label success, our bass player was called back up to duty in the US ARMY to serve in Afghanistan. Upon his return this year, we have been preparing to take over the stages of America as we once had done in Europe.
As far as style goes, we come from many different backrounds including punk, blues, ska and glam! But, we found ourselves all in love with classic American artists and those artists who try to express that sound of musics good times. Little Richard to Hank Williams III; Hank senior to Buddy Holly, to Chris Isaak, to the Ventures, to the munsters (The Television show).


Live At Candytime Junction- 2004
Where the Chrome Shines Bright- 2005
Chin Music- 2007

Set List

We have an extensive repertoire, including 2 hours of originals. Add in a rotating line of covers ranging from Swing to country, we can easily hold a three hour show by ourselves.