Slick River

Slick River


The music is down and dirty, drenched with soul, from the gut and fun. With elements of both modern and classic rock you get a unique blend of toe-tapping music that you can tip your glass to and really get down with! Some might call it a mix of garage rock, blues, gun-slinging, whiskey & gambling.


The members of Slick River each have many years of experience in their musical backgrounds. They have played most of their lives, touring the United States as well as Europe throughout the past 10 years in previous other bands and side projects (King Django, Harold’s Trousers, Elastic Engine, 12 Inch Bic). Now coming together to form a new project, Slick River is that bad cowboy that will ride horseback shattering saloons across the country with hard rock and blues like bullets blazing from dual revolvers.

The band officially came together in the late summer of 2006. After working on songs together for only a few months Slick River began playing their first shows. The band recorded their first demo “Silver Bullets” in Fall '06 and has continued writing songs while honing their stage presence by playing select events in early 2007. In Spring '07 another 5 demo tracks were added to the Silver Bullets sessions and thus Silver-er Bullets (Vol2) was created (featuring a total 10 demo tracks available at all Slick River Shows FREE!)
The band is always promoting itself through their website, mailing list, live events, word-of-mouth, promo items, and all other forms of shameless self-promotion.


Silver Bullets! Vol1
(5 demo tracks recorded in Autumn '06)
*Produced by Marc Yozay and Slick River*

track list:
1. Springtime
2. Rockin Rub
3. Jesus Told Me To Listen
4. Sledgehammer
5. West Pacific

Silverer Bullets! Vol2
(10 demo tracks, including 5 previously unreleased songs recorded in Spring '07)
*Produced by Marc Yozay and Slick River*

track list:
1. Razorburn
2. The Weeping Willow Blues
3. Geraldine
4. Nobody's Fool
5. Happy Birthday
6. Springtime
7. Rockin Rub
8. Jesus Told Me To Listen
9. Sledgehammer
10. West Pacific

Set List

The band plays mostly original material with a few covers. The band typically performs for 45-60 minutes. Original tracks include all songs from The Silver Bullets demos (Volumes 1 & 2) as well as new material written since. We are always working on new material and revisiting old tracks to improve our live performance.

Cover songs are typically rock and blues songs including Sam Taylor's "Blue Tears" and Steppenwolf's "Magic Carpet Ride". Other covers include, but are not limited to, Dowdy Smack's "Angel" and Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Breaking The Girl".