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Slider’s Fault plays with a technical maturity that augments their exuberant brand of punk tapped post grunge. The Road to Last July is an EP that wraps many moods into a tight, energetic package that showcase’s Slider’s Fault’s mature performance and songwriting abilities.


Slider’s Fault singer/ guitarist and principle songwriter Josh Tatum was only 14 years old when he began writing and performing professionally as the front-man of Just Short of Sunday (appearing on The True Music show on HDnet with Howie Day and Lola Ray).

Inevitably, Just Short of Sunday went their separate ways in December of 2004, and this left Tatum band-less. Up until the fall of 2005 he spent his time alone developing his songwriting skills and reflecting upon the demise of his former band. Finally realizing how badly he needed to be back in a band, Josh called up drummer Richard Millsap, who was recommended by an old friend. Later on that summer, Josh recruited his friend Austin Clinkscales to play guitar, and bassist Russ Glaser to complete the Fort Worth, TX based lineup.

The Road To Last July is a reflection of the times the band had together in the summer of their formation, and also a reflection of the emotional path that Josh Tatum followed which lead him to his current state of elation with Slider’s Fault. Although a portion of the songs were written before the band had formed, they truly came into form during the recording of this EP.

Though young, the members of Slider’s Fault play with a technical maturity that augments their exuberant brand of punk tapped post grunge, and creates excitement blended with sincere lyrics and bright vocal harmonies. Drummer Richard Millsap has been known to play drums for his father, Dave Millsap’s, blues band playing with likes of Stephen Bruton, Buddy Whitington and Delbert McClinton. Richard Millsap’s vast influences are reflected on the drum tracks of The Road to Last July. On the other hand, Bassist Russ Glaser hasn’t even been playing bass for an entire year yet, but his dedication and love for the instrument, and the band, are quite obvious when one listens to this EP.

As most High School students are involved in extracurricular activities, the member’s of Slider’s Fault are no exception. Josh and Austin are both on their school’s soccer teams, while Russ plays basketball and Richard keeps his drum skills tight playing in his high school jazz and marching bands (although he doesn’t play sports, he is a black belt). However, the band has overcome the fact that these activities would take time away from the band, by incorporating them into the band through their online virtual television network. This original idea came as a way to connect the band to their fans on a level outside of just the music. Slider’s Fault has a certain affinity for connecting with their fans through the video medium. The band is known for keeping their video cameras with them at all times; recording everything that comes into the lenses line of sight. Their virtual television network contains channels for music, travel, comedy, and perhaps the most important channel to the band, the food channel. All of the videos are then uploaded to and are also available in podcast form on Apple’s iTunes Music Store.

As all growing teenage, athletic boys do, the member’s of Slider’s Fault love food. In fact manager / Pickslide Records founder, Eric Klein, has said that almost everything revolves around food for them. The band’s name is derived from the feeling one gets from devouring one too many “Sliders”, little greasy addicting hamburgers from one of the band’s favorite restaurants in Austin, TX. Slider’s Fault has such strong ties to their local surroundings, that many area restaurants know the band by name, and one restaurant may even name an item on their menu after the band.

At the 2006 South By Southwest Festival in Austin, TX, Slider’s Fault showed off their tenacity for promoting their music. On the first day, the band utilized mobile video technology by having a 40 ft jumbotron truck drive around the festival all day, playing their video for “Last Call For Sympathy”. The band also made sure to take full advantage of the massive crowd at South By Southwest by using this as an opportunity to shoot footage for their second video “Swim”. In case anyone there missed the video shoot or the jumbotron, the band was seen constantly approaching anyone at the festival telling them about their band, and just being themselves, making sure to capture it all on video. Anyone who happened to witness the promotional tactics of the band could say that Slider’s Fault were the hardest working band at South by Southwest, even though they weren’t actually playing the festival.

The Road to Last July is an EP that wraps many moods into a tight, energetic package that showcase’s Slider’s Fault’s mature performance and songwriting abilities, without comprising the abundance of energy and spirit of the band member’s youth. Exciting and infectious guitar riffs unite with intricate and vast drumming styles to accompany the retrospective lyrics of The Road to Last July. Slider’s Fault appeared on the Hot Topic / Kevin Says stage of the Warped Tour in Dallas and A


The Road To Last July - EP Released April 18 2006

Set List

Typical set is 45 minutes of all original songs.