Slightly Bent

Slightly Bent


All original Hard Rock Band for the 21st Century with a driving force and solid backbone, to rythymic melodies and some politcal overtones.


Slightly Bent was originally formed in 2004 with a couple members leaving the group in 2006. Doug joined the band first as the sound engineer, but later joined also as the drummer in summer 2006. Nico joined the group in late 2006 to complete the lineup. Original members Abe Lomax and Brian Notvest had continued to write and rehearse during the down times, but shortly after Doug joined up Slightly Bent started recording our CD "TRUST". The bands music can definitely be described as original hard rock from right here in Colorado Springs. You can feel our originality and drive in songs such as "Right Uptight" our rythymic side in "Soul Taffy" and our political sides in "Greed". The bands influences range widley from the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's to today. Collectively the group has more than 50 years of writing, performing and loving to create the magic. We have been recording our CD "TRUST" for the past year ourselves and are hoping for a release date this summer. We can be found at


"TRUST" is our first.

Set List

Long Way
Last Breath
Pain Killer
Soul Taffy
Umbrella Man
Smokey Hazy
Less of Left
Maiden Sandwich
Right Uptight
Rolling the Highway
69 Miles
Cooky Crumbs
Dead Again
The Tree
Slightly Bent
Do Me
Don’t Forget
Buy the People
Freakin Mars

We are adding some covers, but prefer to be as original as possible.